After Sunday Social

Happy late Easter everyone! This past weekend was a fun one, but busy. I totally missed Sunday Social. And I hate when I miss Sunday Social so I am going to pretend that it is still Easter Sunday and “hop” right in…



This Weeks Questions:

  1. 5 songs you’ll listen to the rest of your life: Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson), I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty), I can’t help myself (Four Tops), My Girl (The Temptations), and Hold On (Wilson Phillips). I know.. none of them are new songs, but these have withstood the test of time in my music library. They are not going away any time soon.
  2. 5 things on your bucket list: Travel to New Zealand, participate in a Latin dance competition, perform in a local musical, learn to surf, and own a beach house within 1 mile from the beach.
  3. 5 celebs you’d love to hang out with for a day: Justin Timberlake, Luke Wilson, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, and Matthew McConaughey. Now THAT would make for an excellent day!
  4. 5 things you always carry in your purse: Iphone, EOS chapstick, phone charger (now that my battery stinks!), hair ties, and pepper spray (you know, to keep the crazies away).
  5. 5 books on your reading list: I am the slowest reader known to man.. probably because I only read a few pages each night. So, to have 5 books on my reading list would be lofty. Let’s just say I am reading a book called “Foodist” right now and I think my next will be “Cather in the Rye.” Change it up a bit! I read a lot of health books since my career is in health, but I often need to mix in a good fiction.
  6. Last 5 pictures on your phone: Here you go…
    photo 1 (12)

    I have too much fun with Holly & Junebug!

    photo 2 (10)

    Close up of Junebug!

    photo 3 (4)

    Tazo Zen is my fave!

    photo 4

    Cali rarely lets anyone else hold her, but she is liking MK these days.

    photo 5

    I was proud of our chairs after we put them together and stained them. Now I get to drink tea outside and stare at people.

  • Hi, stopping by from Sunday Social. I love the old songs, I think you’re spot on about them withstanding the test of time. And anyone who doesn’t sway to “My Girl” is just lacking something in their soul.

    The picture of your Dog’s butt made me laugh out loud.

    Hope you have a great week.

    • Bri

      Thanks for stopping by. You have a great week as well!