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I am up and at ’em early today. I have some exciting Sunday plans.. or at least, exciting to me. I get free reign over our backyard. My plan is to dress up the backyard patio with some potted plants, add some outdoor lights (thinking solar powered tin stars), purchase a rain barrel to conserve water, and plant more herbs (and possibly a few vegetables). Also need to find a year-round plant to go under this tree we have. It’s completely shaded so no grass is growing underneath it, but I know I can find an evergreen to pump up the look. Who knew I would be so excited about gardening?! Things sure change when you live in a house.

Since today is Sunday Social, let’s get to it. Here are the questions:

  1. What was your best birthday? My 21st birthday back in 2005. I think I have mentioned it on the blog before, but I interned with the San Antonio Spurs and was at the championship game the day I turned 21. Luckily, the Spurs won. Everyone that worked for the Spurs had an after party. It was an absolute blast and I will never forget it!
  2. What was your best vacation? I love every single vacation that I go on so this one is a toughy. I will say St. Lucia since it is still fresh on the mind. We went in January and the island was beautiful! I also really liked my trip to London. I went with my mom in 2009 and had some awesome experiences. I love all of the rich history and traditions there. Two very different vacations, but both had their highs. Man do I love to travel!
  3. What was your best date you’ve ever been on? A day trip to wine country while we were visiting San Francisco. We rented a convertible and drove into the wind. Beautiful weather and scenery.. it was magical!
  4. Best movie (quality) you’ve seen? I have to add in a word to this one today. Let’s add in “recent” before best. I am not quite awake enough to remember the best movie quality of all time so I am going to go with the best recent one I have seen. That would be 10 Years a Slave. It was heart-wrenching and emotional, but quality material. I felt anger towards certain people in the movie and was very impressed with the acting.
  5. Best TV show ending of all time? Breaking Bad hands down. I remember Dexter having a stinky ending so I was expecting Breaking Bad’s to not be so well, but it did not disappoint. I have a huge respect for Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Excellent actors!
  • That wine country date sounds pretty amazing!!!
    Daisy recently posted…Sunday SocialMy Profile

    • Bri

      It was. I LOVE everything about California. Thanks for stopping by!

  • That is so awesome that you interned with the Spurs!!!! and St. Lucia!?!?!?! That is def on my list of places to go!
    Stopping by from the bloghop.


    • Bri

      You will love it when you get the chance to go! Thanks for stopping by.

  • I’ve always wanted to go to wine country. That sounds like a great date!
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