Stop Eating When Satisfied!

21 Day Nutrition Challenge


Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way. We, in general, as a nation, eat too much! Diet-related diseases and obesity are a big problem here. That’s no surprise to us… we hear it all the time.

What are we to do? We all know what is healthy and not healthy, for the most part. We know eating less and moving more are keys to preventing some of the diet-related diseases and obesity. Many of us just lack motivation or support. Many of us are just too stressed. Some of us even eat crap BECAUSE we are stressed (think emotional eating).

We need to slow down. We need to savor our food and check in with our bodies. We need to end our memberships to the “clean our plates” club.

Take time this week to check in with your body before and after a meal. Practice putting your fork down after bites to check in with yourself. Are you satisfied? If the answer is yes, be done with your meal. Have no judgment. If you get hungry later, you can have a snack. Don’t feel the need to overeat just because your plate is full. If the answer is no, keep eating. But then check in with yourself again to stop whenever you are satisfied.

Stopping when satisfied is different than stopping when full. Let me explain the difference. Stopping when you are satisfied means you are not hungry, but are also not completely full. As a guide, you are about 80% full- give or take. Stopping when you are full means you cannot put another morsel in your mouth (or don’t want to). You have no room for anything else.

You may be surprised at how less you eat naturally whenever you listen to your body. Savor your meal, the experience, and that meal time with loved ones (or if you are alone, the time to be still with no agenda).