How to Burn an Extra 100 Calories

burn 100 calories

Want to burn an additional 100 calories today?

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT into counting calories eaten or calories burned on a daily basis in a restrictive way. But, I do like to find ways to move a little more or get a little bit healthier so I LOVE the “Fun ways to burn an additional 100 calories” visual above.

Do any of the above activities strike your fancy? I have definitely had my share of quick shopping trips to get a little more steps in on my Fitbit. I love doing a walk (window shop, anyone?) before actually going into the stores.

How do I burn an extra 100 calories? Currently, by breastfeeding my baby. 😉 But soon, I will slowly make my way back to regularly working out and adding in the extra “burns” here and there. One of my favorite ways to get an extra 100 calories or so burned is to participate in a monthly challenge (you know, the Pinterest-worthy ones that focus on squats, planks, or the like). A co-worker and I challenged each other to a month of doing 100 each of 3 exercises that worked upper body, lower body, and then core. We could choose the actual moves. I liked being able to switch things up a bit!

So now tell me, how do you like to get an extra calorie burn throughout the day? And if you had to choose one or two of the activities in the graphic above to try one day next week, which would you choose?

Side note, I also have to say after looking at the graphic I visited Chobani’s website and noticed a recipe I SO WANT TO TRY. The Pina Colada smoothie… yum! I can do anything Pina Colada…. just sayin’.

Happy Wednesday, y’all!

Chobani has a Simply 100 line and are encouraging people to live a healthier life. I did not receive anything for doing this post. I just LOVED the theme and idea so decided to participate.