Simple Nutrition

Healthy eating is ANYTHING but boring or complicated.  In fact, look at the most colorful foods.  What are they?  Fruits and vegetables. They are beautiful in color and provide plenty of nutrition to fuel the body.

I know how easy it is to get sucked into the world of “strict dieting”, but it does more harm to your body than good.  My goal with this page is to provide some simple tips to healthy eating.  When healthy eating is complicated and boring (like most diets), you won’t last long.  Keep things simple and free your body, mind, and soul from the chains of strict diets.

Here are some of my nutrition thoughts if you will:

  1. Think 80/20.  If you choose only one tip to follow, make it this one.  That’s why it is my number 1.  What do I mean by this?  Eat nutritious foods 80% of the time and save room for 20% of “whatever you feel like”.  This is important because being perfect with your eating backfires.  Making food “bad” causes the rebel in you to come out and have a free for all.  Food is not an enemy, nor is it a friend.  It is fuel for the body.
  2. Less Ingredients.  If there is one area on a food label that I deem most important, it would be the ingredients.   Your 80% should be foods with less than approximately 5 ingredients.  Guess what?  Fruits and vegetables only have 1 ingredient.  Eat more of these!  The food items with a laundry list of scientific concoctions should be left for your 20% or less.
  3. No sweat. Healthy eating is a lifestyle.  Just like the game of life, you will have days where you feel “on” and days where you feel “off”.  Everyone has a right to a day watching movies in bed with a bowl of ice cream if desired.  The worst thing you can do is feel guilty about it.  It may cause you to spiral.  So, if you find yourself having an “off” day, put your britches on the next day and move on.  No sweat!
  4. Savor.  Be mindful of what you put in your body and when you are doing so.  When you really savor your food, you realize when you are satisfied and tend to stop before getting too full.  Being too full is uncomfortable for most, but you won’t notice unless you check in with yourself.  Don’t be afraid to put the fork down and wait on the next bite.  If you find yourself satisfied, your meal is done.  No need to be a member of the “clean your plate” club!
  5. Be picky.  Being picky is okay.  If you want a piece of Strawberry cheesecake for dessert, don’t settle for a mediocre butterscotch brownie.  You know your taste buds (and if you don’t, get to know them) so be picky when it comes to the higher calorie foods.  This also comes into play when a co-worker offers you a treat that you really aren’t in the mood for.  It is OKAY to say no.

So, there you have it: my 5 simple tips to nutrition.  Keep these thoughts in mind and I promise you that healthy eating will be both simple and delightful!


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    The article is simple and really educational when it comes to overall healthy eating. I like it!

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