Simple Movement

What do you think of when you hear the term exercise?  Stinky gyms?  Boring treadmills?  Painful sprints?  When I mention exercise to some people I hear moans and groans.   I get it.  But, hear me out. The definition of exercise is activity requiring physical effort.  That’s it!  Exercise is not an enemy.

One of my favorite fitness guru’s talks about finding your soul-mate workout.  I personally do not have one, but have many soul-mate workouts.  All you have to do is find yours and exercise will start to excite you.

If you can’t get over the term exercise, call it movement.  Whatever moves you- do it!  And do more of it!  Movement is medicine.

Not sure what moves you? Start with a few of these and take note of the ones you enjoy:

  • Walking
  • Jogging/running
  • Dancing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Exercise DVDs
  • Group Exercise
  • Tennis
  • Rowing
  • Cycling
  • Volleyball

Sometimes you know what moves you, but you lack the motivation.  Here are a few tips to keep your motivation up:

  1. Bust a move.  Don’t feel like moving?  Let the MUSIC move you!  Create a fun playlist.  It will get you off your feet and shaking those hips or hitting that pavement in no time!
  2. Give 10.  10 minutes is better than none, am I right?  Give 10 minutes of whatever movement you choose.  My guess is that after those 10 minutes, you are going to have energy and motivation to keep on going.  And what’s better than that?
  3. Buddy up.  Have a friend join you.  Most of us will let ourselves down before letting a friend down.  Make a date with a buddy and hold each other to it.  Plus, gab fest with a calorie burn?  Heck yes!

Here’s to moving more… and LIKING it!