Simple Delights of the Week

Thank goodness it is Friday!  I love Fridays for many reasons, but today I am extremely thankful. This was a busy work week for me and the work just continues so I will be using these next two nights to RELAX. I am all about zenning out.

And then it is road trip time on Sunday.  Heading to Houston to see one of my best friends and her baby. Can’t wait to hold the little one!

Anyway, even in the midst of being busy with work, I have lots of simple delights from the week.  Here are five of them…

Wearing purple. I don’t know what it is about the color purple, but I love it. I always have. When I was younger, I had light purple walls. Now, I just wear it. It’s my power color. I know I am going to feel good when wearing purple. I may have even had one of my head shots done last October by a purple wall…

3 with border

Klondike.  It’s a mini-series about the gold rush in Alaska. Matt and I watched the first of the series on Thursday night and are hoping to watch the last 2 tonight. I don’t watch a ton of history type of movies or TV shows so whenever I find one that I really like, I dive right in. This one is very well produced and the actors/actresses do a great job in it. The bonus part is that I actually learn something too!

Blood oranges. I had my first blood orange back in 2003. I was in Pagosa Springs after a full day of skiing about to relax in the hot springs. The receptionist dude was extremely friendly and, as a lot of Colorado locals are, very laid back. He handed me a piece as I asked him a question about the springs. That was about 10 years ago. Recently, I have found blood oranges at Target. I know, Target is not the best place to get fruit, but I still bought me some blood oranges. I am loving them!  Plus, they bring up a really cool memory too.

blood oranges

Hot yoga. My friend Heather invited me to a hot yoga class on Monday so I went. Talk about getting hot and sweaty! I looked like I had taken a hot shower in my workout clothes after I walked out of that class. 90 minutes is a little long for me to be doing hot yoga, I will admit that. I was getting restless towards the end, but for the most part I enjoyed it. I slept the BEST I have slept in a looooooong time that night.

TED talks app. I am all about motivational talks or inspirational presentations. My friend told me about TED talks recently so I downloaded the app. I knew I would not take the time to look up TED talks regularly on my desktop so the app is great. Any time I needed a break this past week or had an itch to open my mind a little more, I picked a TED talks to listen to. Way cool stuff on there!