Simple Delights of the Week (#9)

Friday is one of my favorite days of the week.  Not only because it is the start of the weekend, but also because I get to reflect on all the joys for my Simple Delights of the Week post.  Feel free to share yours too!

Here are my Simple Delights of the Week:

Successfully making homemade ice cream with Grandma’s recipe.  I am not always the best chef or baker, but I am so proud of myself for making ice cream that tastes similar to my grandma’s.  She sent me her recipe and I followed it, but normally I follow her recipes and my meals never taste quite as good as hers.  Perhaps it’s her love that makes the recipes that much better.  I really do love that woman!  And now, I can be reminded of her every time I make her ice cream recipe.  Matt loves ice cream so he will have a yummy treat for the weekend!

photo 1 (1)

Starting AND finishing a book on a plane ride.  Before I left for my vacation, I visited my parents for a few must-have items like charge adapters or whatever you call them that plug into the wall.  My dad also gave me a few books.  We both like crime-type of books with suspense and thriller rolled into one.  I started a book called Kill Alex Cross and finished it the same day.  I love it whenever I do that, especially on a plane.  It makes the plane ride go by so much faster!

photo 2

Dinner at Lee Harvey’s.  This one has not happened yet, but I know it will be a simple delight of my week.  It happens tonight with my older brother.  I haven’t seen him since Christmas so it will be good to catch up and enjoy the atmosphere at Lee Harvey’s.

Getting back into a routine after vacations.  I love everything about taking a vacation, but I also love the simple, everyday routine of life.  There are so many things to enjoy about each day and moment.  One of my favorite things after a vacation is just that.  Getting back to my routine and finding joy in the things that I sometimes take for granted.  I loved getting to spend time “chilling” with the pets, eating healthy and working out again (I am care-free on vacations and that includes with my nutrition & exercise),  hitting up Target, sleeping in my own bed, etc.  You get it!

photo (5)What was your favorite joy from this past week?