Simple Delights of the Week (#8)

Here is what I have taken delight in this week…

Simple delights

“Let Bliss Be Your Guide.”  My morning meditation one day was this.  How brilliantly simple!  I have had this phrase on repeat in my brain this week and I hope it continues to light my life.  If you let bliss be your guide, you are headed in the right direction.  I am going to let bliss be my guide in St. Lucia too (don’t worry, I will have pics for you when I return.)  Perhaps the beauty of the island can evoke some bliss in your life too.

Airports.  Some people hate airports and everything about them.  I, on the other hand, love them.  I love airports because 1) it means I am traveling somewhere and boy do I love to travel, 2) it makes for really good people watching, and 3) I am reminded how important it is to find joy and patience in waiting for something (in this case, my flight).  I get to drink a hot tea while reading a good magazine or having a fun conversation with someone.  I get to just be.

Having a blogger mentor.  I think it is good to have role models and mentors throughout your life.  I definitely have dietitians and health professionals that I look up to.  I had an outstanding first job mentor when I worked at Shell.  And now I get to experience the mentoring relationship in the blogger world.  I am very excited about this opportunity to work with Taylor and hope to learn a ton!  Heck, I already have learned a ton just by reading her blog.  Check her out at Pink Heels, Pink Truck.

The library.  Are you a member of your local library?  If not, why?  Call me old school, but I am loving my local library these days.  I can download books for free to check out on my Kindle (for 2 weeks unless you renew), can check out audio books to play in the car when on a long drive, and can rent Downton Abbey.  I have been hearing about this show for months.  I am finally going to watch Season 1.  I am non-committal when it comes to books so I love having the ability to check something out for free, read a little, and then decide if it is worth it for me to purchase or read once and be done.  Just like you did when you were a kid, get your library card!

Your turn.  What brought you delight this week?