Simple Delights of the Week (#7)

Holy cow!  This week has been a busy one, but an enjoyable one at that.  How is your week going?  It’s FRIDAY!  Friday is like an endorphin in and of itself.  It automatically makes people happy.  And for that, I love Fridays!

So here is what I have found delightful this week.  And please feel free to share yours in the comment section or via your fave social media.  I love hearing what other people find delightful too.

Ladies Night: Tonight I am heading to the local rock climbing gym for Ladies night.  I am going with two of my co-workers and am thrilled to have an active night out.  Most Friday nights I am too tired to want to go anywhere or do anything active.  Instead, I watch TV with the boyfriend.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE those nights too.  But it is good to change things up a bit so I am going to get my rock climb on… and this will be my first time in about 5 years so hopefully I remember what to do.

rock climb

Hot Season Premieres: This week was a REALLY good TV show week.  Don’t you agree?  I love almost every Showtime TV show and this week was the start of Shameless and Episodes.  Those happened on Sunday.  Then on Monday, Blacklist came back on.  Oh my goodness do I love that show.  I have a whole new appreciation for James Spader as an actor.  This show comes on regular cable TV so check it out if you can.  Although, I would recommend starting from episode 1 since we are still in the first season.


Kindle Fire: I got such a great deal on a Kindle Fire thanks to a $30 off coupon I got via email from Amazon.  I have been thinking about a Kindle Fire for awhile now, but wasn’t sure if I was wanting that or an Ipad.  Glad I went with the Kindle Fire, because it is RAD and only a fraction of the cost.  I know the Ipad probably does more, but I don’t need it for much.  Very thrilled to have this baby!  Oh and my purple case… just in time for my 7 hour plane ride next week.


Getting re-tweeted by Chris FreytagOkay, I know this one is silly, but I have looked up to Chris for YEARS!  She is a fitness professional who has written for magazines, been on TV, has her own website, and even teaches other aerobics instructors at fitness conventions (I have seen her at SCW Fitness Dallas).  She is such an inspiring and motivating woman.  I think the world of her so it was an honor for her to even see my tweet.  (Side note: tweet is such a funny word and the fact that it has officially made it into my vocabulary is cracking me up right now.  Twitter has a brilliant marketing team!)

  • My husband and I are considering linking up with you on Friday’s and doing a delights of the week post. Would that be OK?
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    • Bri

      I would LOVE that!! Please do.. 🙂