Simple Delights of the Week (#4)

This week has been full of joy and delight with the holiday and all.  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays and I love all the time spent with friends and family.  Here are a few of my Simple Delights of the Week:

Juice.  I am incredibly excited about my new juicer and  I cannot wait to make my first juice.  I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest and will start with that.  I plan to make it tomorrow after I head to the store for some of the ingredients.  We can all use more color in our diets so this will help me bump up the veggies on a regular basis.  Can I get a hell yeah?!?


Haim.  No, not ham.. although, ham isn’t so bad either.  Haim is a band Matt and I recently discovered this Fall.  They were at Austin City Limits and even though we missed their show, we caught some of their tunes on the ACL website in the week leading up to the fest.  They are an Indie rock group with such a great sound.  These girls are on the up and up… just sayin’!


This positive quote.  I was in need of a positive quote this week and found this gem on Pinterest.  Are you noticing a trend?  Pinterest is my new facebook and apparently I am late to the game.  Anyway, this quote needs no introduction.  Hopefully it will instill some positive thoughts in your life too.


Smiling.  Just like Buddy the Elf, it’s my favorite.  I enjoy smiling myself (because that usually means I am in laughter or state of joy), but I REALLY love seeing someone else smile.  This week, I loved seeing so many smiles and one smile in particular warmed my heart- the smile from my dad.  He is a wonderful dad… one that I do not deserve, but am VERY thankful for.  I put some thought into his gift and he was really excited after opening it.  His smile made me smile. Smiling is contagious after all!


James Avery jewelry.  My mom and dad picked out this lovely necklace for me.  When I love a brand, I LOVE the brand and am loyal to it.  For some reason, I have always loved James Avery jewelry.  I think it is because I got my first nice ring from there as a gift from my confirmation sponsor in middle school.  I loved it so much that I wore it until I lost it when I was 24 years old (that’s about 10 yrs of the same ring).  I bought a replacement that year and have been wearing that one ever since. Now, I have a cross necklace to add to my collection.  I love it!