Shake It Off

Yes, I am talkin’ Taylor Swift up in here. I had a funny moment today… I was reading a magazine, chilling downstairs, when I heard the song, “Shake It Off.” Only, I didn’t hear it on the radio. The radio wasn’t even on. Someone was singing it. And that someone happened to be my classic rock loving dad. It made me laugh. I didn’t think he even knew who Taylor Swift was.

Side note worth mentioning, her songs are like jingles. They just get stuck in your head no matter who you are and what your taste in music is.

Anyway, after getting a good laugh out of that, I was reminded of two things. First, sometimes Taylor is right and you just need to shake it off whatever “it” may be for you. Second, it is SO good to laugh daily. Laughing is good for the soul and I really do think it is good medicine. If you haven’t laughed today, perhaps this crazy picture of me with a pizza hat on will help.

Shake It Off

Do you laugh daily? I seem to laugh on the regular. But, there are quite a few things that REALLY make me laugh. Sharing is caring so here are my list of things that make me laugh regularly (in no particular order):

  1. Funny voices. I love it whenever someone does an impersonation. Gets me every time!
  2. Farts. Yikes, I said it. Farts are hysterical to me… unless they smell. And then I just run the other direction from whoever dealt it. I grew up with two brothers. Enough said.
  3. Nostalgia. I love it whenever a family member or friend will tell a funny story from our past. I get instant nostalgia and can picture myself in that moment all over again.
  4. Comedy shows. It doesn’t matter if it is live or I am watching stand up comedy on TV, I almost always crack up. My favorite comedian to see in person has been Kevin James. I laughed the whole entire time.
  5. Someone dancing funny, whether on purpose or not. There are some GREAT dance moves out there. And then there are some HILARIOUS dance moves out there. Dancing and laughing… man, what a damn good time!
  6. YouTube videos. If you ever need an instant laugh, find some funny YouTube videos. In honor of Halloween coming up this week, here is one of my favorites…

What about you? What makes YOU laugh daily?