Quick Workouts Just For You!

Quick Workouts

Who else needs quick workouts every now and then? I do not always have a full hour to devote to physical activity, even though I love getting active. Many times I simply do 1 to 3 twenty minute sessions throughout the day instead.

Today is the Fit Dish link up with The Fit Switch and Jill Conyers. We are all getting creative with quick workouts. I have not created any myself in awhile and to be honest, why recreate the wheel when there are a TON of awesome quick workouts out there?! So, I will be sharing my favorite quick workouts just for you!

These are all workouts I turn to regularly…

  • TIU Love Your Body with HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training is a GREAT way to get sweaty in little time. This has been one of my favorites for over a year now. I turn to it whenever I need a little boost of energy in the morning. I did it yesterday, in fact!

  • Yoga with Adriene Freedom Flow. This is one of those yoga routines that always puts a smile on my face. It is a GREAT way to start the day. I turn to this flow at least a few times per month. I do some of her other yoga videos on the regular too, but this is one of my all time favorites.

  • Tara Stiles Yoga for Strength and Focus. Another yoga video, but I am all about yoga these days. Not only for the strength and flexibility I feel from doing more yoga, but also the connection to self and the WAY I feel after doing it. It can be life changing if you let it.

Hope you enjoy whenever you need a quick HIIT or yoga routine! And don’t forget, you also have a VERY quick and easy way to get active… put your tennis shoes on and GET OUTSIDE. The weather is nice now so a walk or jog can provide a well-deserved escape!

  • MB Jackson

    getting outside is my first go to- run, walk or just jump rope- can’t beat it!

  • Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch

    Thank you so much! I LOVE workout recs, and I need more yoga in my life, have been wanting to do more at home, but didn’t want to search through vids I liked. This is the perfect jump start for me. And, I love that you come back to them. : ) Take care, Bri!

  • Yoga is awesome and I definitely need to do it more! Thanks for the workouts! 🙂

  • I must get on the TIU bandwagon! I keep hearing such great things and I’m totally going to add that HIIT workout to my routine this week! Thanks, Bri! 🙂

    • Hope you like it! I love how quick their vids are, but still feel like a good workout.

  • jillconyers

    I’ve heard so many great things about TIU! I need to try their workouts. #fitfamlovexoxo

    BTW, love Tara and Adriene 🙂