My Personal Survival Kit Essentials

Picture this. A person we will name Todd (keepin’ it real)  comes into your house and tells you to grab 4 or 5 things and follow him. You have NO clue where you are going to go, what you are going to do, and how long you will be gone. We’ll call these your personal survival kit essentials.

What would you grab?

Now, don’t think too hard. Just 4 or 5 simple things you would quickly grab. No judgment. And obviously you would already have your clothes that you have on and shoes (so no need to grab an extra pair of shoes unless that is your thing. No shame if it is, dear friend!)

I surprisingly did not go with anything sentimental. I would want to keep my sentimental stuff at home. But, I did think about how I would feel and what would make my experience (regardless of where the heck I am going) better.  Here is my list…


  1. Ipod loaded with tunes. This doesn’t need much explanation, does it?! We all know how music makes the world a better place. It just does. Music touches the soul and would enhance any experience. Plus, if Todd was an annoying, nonstop talking know it all, I could easily drown him out with the tunes.
  2. Larabars. Nutrition is important. Always is. When I have no idea how long it will be before I am to eat my next meal, these grab & go bars come in handy. The Larabar Uber Dark Chocolate Peanut is my favorite, but honestly any Larabar would do. They are delish! Plus, I am a picky eater and if Todd was taking me to a place where the all you can eat buffet included snails and crickets, I would sustain myself on Larabars only. Happily!
  3. A journal. Writing is another must for me. I don’t necessarily have to write daily, but I love putting pen to paper. I have a pretty good memory, but would want to capture any experience. And since I did not choose to grab my phone (I know, what am I thinking?!) I would need at least some place to jot down a few thoughts, experiences, notes, etc. I didn’t choose camera because sometimes taking pictures spoils the moment (cue scene from Secret Life of Walter Mitty), but I would still want to capture moments in some way.
  4. Green tea. Who doesn’t like a daily hot beverage?! Hot water would be easy to get anywhere (I would think and/or hope) so my survival kit would include a tin of green tea bags. I could have my tea anywhere and instantly smile! Well, as long as I have a mug… hoping Todd could at the very least provide me that. Come on, Todd!
  5. Toothbrush/toothpaste. I hate hate hate having dirty teeth. Just do. If I did not have access to a toothbrush and toothpaste, I would at the very least need access to an hourly source of Trident. But, I prefer this route. And dear dentist, if you are reading this, you have obviously taught me well. I love clean teeth, what can I say?!

What would be on your list?

This post idea was brought to me by Man Crates so I want to give them a little shout out (and no I was not paid for this or given anything in return… this was ALL for FUN!). Man Crates is a new company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates. Check them out!

  • Oohhh what a fun idea! I would definitely grab a snack of some sort. Probably an apple and maybe a Kind bar. Definitely a book, iPod for music, a long sleeve t-shirt in case it gets chilly, and maybe a camera. Sounds like it would be a memorable experience!
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    • Bri

      A long sleeve shirt is a GREAT idea! I am ALWAYS cold (even in Texas) and never like being cold. Thanks for commenting!

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