Movies That Inspire Fitness

Movies that Inspire

I love cuddling up and watching a movie every now and then. Although, if you ask MK, I don’t always see the whole movie.  I have a tendency to fall asleep EVERY stinkin’ time! I try to stay awake, but I rarely do unless we watch something early in the day. Or sometimes I will fall asleep for a good chunk of the middle, but wake up before it is completely over and then act like I saw the whole thing. MK always catches me though.

Some movies are super inspiring! Today I focus on movies that inspire fitness specifically. And my determining factor for this list is simply that the movie 1) has some type of physical activity included, 2) is inspiring, and 3) is one I can watch more than once.

Drum roll, please….. Bri’s top 5 movies that inspire fitness are:

  1. The Sandlot. This had to make the list. Who didn’t want to join a neighborhood game of softball or baseball after watching this when younger? Or at the VERY least get together with a group of friends and hang out outside. They are outside ALL THE TIME and doing what kids should be doing on the regular. I never get sick of this movie and will watch it FOR-EV-ERRRRR!
  2. Dirty Dancing. This movie may be about love and not putting Baby in a corner, but it’s also about dancing and doing something you have passion for. I love to dance and grew up dancing so this movie has always had a spot in my heart. Plus, I think I have watched it a trillion times. I am sure you have to. Am I right?!?
  3. Shag. Some have heard of this movie while others have not, but it was a childhood favorite of mine. Again, it made my list because of the dancing. I always wanted to be like Pudge and enter a dance contest (and hopefully win!).
  4. Rocky. How could I not put this on the list?! Eye of the Tiger is a staple “motivating” song! Rocky kicks butt and works hard to do so.  I’ve never wanted to be a boxer myself, but I
  5. Mighty Ducks. I guess I am still stuck in childhood whenever I think of inspiring fitness movies. 🙂 I remember as a kid feeling so inspired after watching The Mighty Ducks. They overcame adversity and worked as a team!

I could add more to this list, but the above are movies that inspire all sorts of fitness endeavors. There is no one size fits all fitness prescription and I TOTALLY dig that! Everyone is on their own fitness journey. Dance movies always inspire me to dance more and I love that.

What movie would be on your list? Comment below or join in the Fit Dish link up with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy.

  • Jessica Durfee

    Bri, I fall asleep 90% of the time! Thank goodness there is someone like me! I feel bad, but, I am tired, and movies can be a lullaby. Once my eyes get heavy, I know it’s over. lol. I remember trying to painfully stay awake during Avatar, an amazing movie, but my eyes….oh, it hurt to keep them open!!! It was honestly, torture, and I faded in and out, until I gave in. LOL. The mighty ducks! I forgot, such a good one. And the Sandlot, AWESOME> Great movies!

  • I love, love dancing movies! Dirty Dancing is a classic and favorite of mine. I also got hooked up on the Step Up movies! I like some Channing Tatum 😉

    • Oh yes, he is so good looking! I could dance with him anyday. I always liked Patrick Swayze too even though he was so much older.

  • Awww, Sandlot and Mighty Ducks! <3!!! My childhood! :D! I haven't seen the others, but I need to! :O
    I love movies on dance too. 😀

  • Whitney @ French Fry Runner

    I love The Mighty Ducks! It’s super inspiring to me too. 🙂

  • Dirty Dancing inspires far more than just fitness 😉

  • jillconyers

    I never thought of Dirty Dancing as inspiring but you’re so right. It is! Your own fitness journey. Love that. #fitfamlove

  • carla birnberg


  • Dirty Dancing! Yes. Love that movie. I realize that this isn’t “fitness” related, but Julia Roberts eating pancakes in America’s Sweethearts inspires me to eat. Seriously. She makes pancakes look SO good!

  • Great list! Love Dirty Dancing, the Sandlot, and the Mighty Ducks!! All are inspiring!

  • What a cute list of movies! I would add all the dancing movies like Flashdance and Footloose and Saturday Night Fever. You just had to dance after watching those!