Does Your Mind Wander?

Now THAT is a good question. Does your mind wander? Heck YEAH it does. Mine wanders frequently, but especially during a workout (at times). I consider working out “MY” time so I can calm the brain a tad, but oftentimes I find myself getting really creative during a workout. The mind wanders to ideas and light bulb moments.


Before I go any further, it is TUESDAY so you know what that means… The Fit Dish Link Up with The Fit Switch and Jill Conyers. Still lovin’ the heck out of this link up. Today’s topic is, “Does your mind wander? Thoughts while running or working out.”

For me, being active keeps the creative juices flowing. If I have a new challenge or activity that I need to create for one of my clients at work, I will often go for a walk. My BEST ideas come to me whenever I am moving. It is magical. And I think there is something to it. Being active has a TON of benefits, we all know that, and one of the benefits is that it can boost creativity. YESSSSSS… another reason to MOVE MORE!

What else do I think about while I walk or run? Randomness. A few recent thoughts…

  • “Man, I love this dude’s garage door. I think I need a garage door like that.” His looks like it is all wood, which is rare around here. And it is gorgeous!
  • “I can’t help myself (sugar pie, honey bunch) would be a fun song to dance to at a wedding. Maybe even my wedding someday?!?” Songs can prompt a lot of random thoughts for me…
  • “I wonder why that guy is walking like that outside without a shirt on. Is he flexing his muscles to boost his ego or is he legitimately trying to tan his chest?” Still not sure.. he wasn’t your typical macho man.

While I love getting the mind to wander a bit during a run or walk, there is definitely time for the brain to shut up. I try to incorporate yoga and/or meditation into my regular routine. This is important because it helps you release the past and the future, while focusing on the present. That can be SO much easier said than done. But, with a regular yoga/meditation practice, it gets easier. And so fulfilling. I seriously do think that adding in these two things to my regular routine has increased my happiness. Natural happy pill, what what!?!? And I literally just read an article about how meditation can CHANGE cells. Way cool. Take THAT, Cancer.

What was one random thought of yours during a recent workout?

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  • So many random thoughts. The last workout I did was in a conference room while traveling. I had to get 20 minutes in for a fitness challenge at work. One thought I had was: it’s never a good idea to workout in a regular bra LOL!

  • Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch

    Love this awesomeness, and i completely agree with what you said! LIGHTBULB moments! They are priceless, and physical activity is how i unlock them. I love writing blog posts right after a run, but it doesn’t always happen that way.
    I have just started adding more yoga to my life, and i can tell it’s going to help my chaotic brain chill out all day. YAY!
    Thanks so much for linking, and i loved hearing your voice in this post. Take care!

    • Writing posts after a run is a GREAT idea. I will try that soon. I tend to jot stuff down right after a run and then stuff it somewhere, only to find it weeks later. Bad habit!

  • Carly Pizzani

    I am working on using yoga to slow down my thoughts and mind as well – although I haven’t come close to mastering it yet!! On my last run I randomly was trying to pick what flower I would choose if there was only one kind of flower left in the world. Weird, I know!!

    • Haha that is awesome. Which one did you choose? Mine would probably be Daffodils.

      • Carly Pizzani

        I only got it down to a short list before my run finished! But daffodils were totally on it, along with peonies and morning glory. 🙂

  • MB Jackson

    funny! I have been known to check out a garage door or two myself! and I am fascinated with the garage flooring! LOL! It’s the little things 🙂

  • Today while running I thought what a beautiful day it was and when I saw an American flag on the trail, I thought about our Veterans and am thankful for all they have done and still do.

  • Runnin Rocker

    That’s cool to think that meditation can change cells! I will definitely give that a read, thanks for sharing.

  • jillconyers

    It took me forever to learn how to shut my brain up and focus during yoga. It cracks me up how random and all over the place our thoughts are while running 🙂

    Thanks for linking up my friend!

  • Jenn

    I agree dfferent exercises, different level of focus.