Healthy Swap for the Holidays!

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“I’ve got another confession to make…” (cue Foo Fighters here).

I don’t cook on Thanksgiving. Like, at all. Not one thing. Let’s add a yet to that sentence though, because someday I am sure I will. Currently, I do not have kids and am very mobile so travel to loved ones and they do the cooking. I consider myself fortunate. Not a huge fan of cooking overly large turkeys. In fact, I think I would cry if I had to cook a turkey, because I had a crying experience cooking a whole chicken once. I almost became a vegetarian at that very moment. No lie. And the thought still haunts me so I definitely do eat way less meat than I ever have. Can I get a hashtag animals rock?!?! Even chickens.

But, even though I do not cook on Thanksgiving, I do make some healthy swaps for the holidays in general. Which healthy swaps do I make you ask? Great question, Joe! I shall tell you….

But, first, shout out to the hosts of the Fit DishThank you, Jessica Joy at The Fit Switch and Jill at Jill Conyers for this lovely #fitfam party every Tuesday. I always dig it.

Okay, back to my healthy swaps. Without further ado, my top 3 healthy swaps are…

  1. Pumpkin pie instead of Pecan pie. You save over 100 calories per slice by choosing pumpkin, plus you get all the vitamin goodness that is naturally in pumpkin. It is in the squash family, after all. To me, it also tastes better, but I know taste buds are different. If you still prefer the pecan pie, choose a smaller slice.
  2. Real fruit salad instead of frozen fruit salad. Frozen fruit salad was always a staple at my mom’s Thanksgiving table. But, frozen fruit salad often has the real fruit plus tons of juice and even sugar added before being put in the freezer. Fruit is naturally sweet and does not need all that extra sugar added. I vote for real fruit cut up (and the more colorful the better) in a fun and festive bowl!
  3. Oven roasted sweet potatoes instead of candied yams. Have you ever had a baked sweet potato with just a tad of butter and a little (or a lot) of cinnamon? Delish! You won’t ever go back to those candied yams with marshmellows. Seriously, try it. And a sweet potato should be about the size of your fist in case you were wondering. Those gigantic ones at some grocery stores are to be shared. Capeesh?

And now to you, dear friend. What healthy swap do you make at Thanksgiving or over holiday season?

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  • Jenn

    I love baked sweet potatoes!! I don’t often have to make the entire meal either. I have a mother in law and dad who love to cook.

    • My best friend used to tell me that if I kept eating a bunch of sweet potatoes, I would have twins when it comes time for me to have kids. I guess it is an old wives tale, but it always made me laugh. I love sweet potatoes!

  • MB Jackson

    Those are great swaps! and no hurry to cook a turkey enjoy the stress cooking free Thanksgiving as long as you can! the best part of cooking for us is the leftovers, I feel like a game show contest when I open the fridge and think what am I am going to do?????

    • That is so true.. my mom makes the best leftover casserole and turkey cranberry sandwiches after Thanksgiving. Yum!

  • jillconyers

    Awesome swap ideas! I’m so happy you’re a part of our #fitfam 🙂

  • Sweet potatoes YES! Love those. And if you need another stop on your Thanksgiving tour, COME ON OVER! 🙂

  • Carly Pizzani

    Anyone who suggests pumpkin pie as a healthy alternative is a health and wellness god in my eyes. 😉 I LOOOOOVE pumpkin pie!!

  • Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch

    Great swaps. I loved hearing your voice in this post! I madeover the candied yams, and while I was doing research, it was crazy how much sugar and butter people were adding. Ahh! lol. Thanks for sharing and linking up! You have a great outlook on how to make simple choices, that make a big difference!

  • Renee

    One sentence in and I’ SOLD on your blog! I love the Foo Fighters. Great swaps. Sweet potatoes roasted are one of my new favorites, and yes pass me the PUMPKIN pie!

  • I am with you on cooking meat! I don’t cook it at all anymore actually. I only have it when my fiance cooks it, other wise I am quite happy with vegetarian meals. And I love the swaps, I love sweet potatoes, I will have to try loading them up with cinnamon next time 😉