Make Your Own Rules Diet

make your own rules diet

follow Tara Stiles on Instagram. She is a yogi from NYC and started Strala Yoga. Her posts are very inspirational! Well, recently, I ‘ve been seeing her post about her new book titled, “Make Your Own Rules Diet.” I love the sound of that!

Anytime I can make my own rules, I am on board. And lucky for me, Starbucks had this book as their pick of the week a couple weeks ago. So I got it for FREE! And lucky for you, I have 3 extra pick cards for the free download. If you are at all interested, please comment below. The first 3 peeps that comment will get it. It’s a download for iBooks.

So back to it… I am not far into the book yet, but I can already tell it is a good one. Tara has a great way of connecting with her readers and followers. I also love her laid back, connect-to-self mentality. Ever since I embarked on my own mindfulness journey years ago I have been a firm believer in making your own health rules, especially in terms of nutrition.

I used to have the diet mentality, but got rid of it. And once I did, I became free. Free as a bird, I tell ya! I got to choose what food rules would make sense for me and kick the rest to the curb.

Same goes for exercise. There are certain exercises and workouts that I absolutely dread. So guess what?! I don’t do them. I do exercises that keep me thriving and thirsty for more. And I allow my workouts to change with the seasons if need be.

I now listen to my body and connect regularly with what makes me whole. Granted, I still have moments where worry takes over or weeks where eating healthy and exercising are no longer appealing. But, they are just moments and moments are fleeting. So I go with the flow.

All that to say, I buy into making your own rules and am excited to dive into more of this book. I usually read wellness-related books in between the intense, “can’t put it down” fictions to bring me back to reality with a lighter read. It’s perfect timing since I just finished “What Alice Forgot.” That’s a great read too if you need a book club recomendation.

You can find out more about Make Your Own Rules Diet by clicking here.

I turn it over to you… what has been one of your favorite reads the past few months? 

  • I have heard such great reviews about the book and I would love to read it! I keep reminding me to listen to my body and take each day on its own. It is a lifestyle I love but is also a learning journey 😉

    • Definitely a learning journey! If you want one of the Starbucks free code, email me at and I will get that over to ya!! I’ve gotten a little further along these past few days and it is EXCELLENT!

  • jillconyers

    I keep picking this book up debating whether or not to buy it. You’ve convinced me to buy! It must be a sign if I keep picking it up right 🙂

  • I’m reading the happiness diet and I’m really liking it! I would love to check this out if you have any codes left 🙂

  • Nooo, I missed getting it for free from Starbucks! I got several of Tara Stiles’ yoga DVDs about 1-2 years ago, and I think she’s all sorts of awesome. I love the idea of the “make your own rules” diet! :]

    I’m kinda late on this, but ifff you still have a code, I’d definitely be interested!