What I love about you!


I am really into rhyming and what better day to rhyme then on or near Valentine’s Day?!?! And I figured it would be a great post for the #WithLoveFridays link up. So, here it goes… What I love about you!

What I love about you

is complex and so true.

It goes beyond an outer shell

and into the body’s well.

Your inner beauty is magical,

a heart so pure and full.


It’s in the way you look at me

before we lay to dream.

When we’re happy, when we’re sad

Or even when we’re mad.

For you being there is enough

To keep the world right when it feels tough.


I love the way you smile,

it can’t ever go out of style.

And looking into your eyes

is a beautiful beachy sunrise. 

Moments with you I want to freeze

So they don’t blow away like a breeze.


Let’s hold onto these days

Remembering all of our good ways.

So that even when we grow old

We’ll be in love and forever bold.

Our love will never fade away

Even when the skies turn gray.

-Brianna Peterson 2/13/15

Not trying to be cheesy, but I do think love runs deep. And it runs deep for all relationships, not just romantic relationships. So here’s to rhyming a bit on Valentine’s Day weekend and spreading the love.

How are you going to spread some love this weekend? Spending time with loved ones, pampering yourself (self-love counts too!), or trying a new and fun activity or adventure?

Much love to ya!

Kristie's Blue Jeans
  • So beautiful!!! I actually love Valentines because it brings not only couples but all sorts of people together. I will sure spend time with my loved ones and of course myself. Self-care can never grow old 😉 xx

  • So glad you linked up with us! This is beautifully written. We’ll be spending a quite evening in just relaxing tonight.

  • I love these! 😀 I’m definitely with you on sharing love for friends/family/people I care about! <3 Hope you have an awesome weekend!

  • So sweet! I spent the weekend with my parents and hubby, working on my garden and generally enjoying the weather. I hope you had an awesome Valentine’s Day!