Why I Love St Lucia

st lucia

I just got back from a 4 night trip to St Lucia.  I do not have all of my pictures uploaded yet and Matt is in the process of making an extremely cool video of the trip.  Once it is done, I will send a link.  Matt has a Go Pro camera so we even got action vids of ziplining.  How fun is that?!

I have quickly fallen in love with St Lucia and hope to be back someday.  My next trip there will be at least 7 nights… 4 nights was way too short.  It was simply beautiful!

Here are a 4 of the many reasons I love St Lucia:

  • The locals are the friendliest, laid back, and welcoming people I have ever met.  The first local I met was my airport shuttle driver through St Lucia Tropical Adventures.  He was extremely friendly and spoke about each of the sites as we drove by on our way to the hotel, pulled over for a breathtaking photo of one of the cities, and shared with us some things to do around St Lucia.  I would highly recommend this shuttle if you find yourself in St Lucia.  It is much more reasonably priced than a taxi, and having transportation figured out before leaving on vacation saves quite a bit of hassle.  Every other local I met on the trip was friendly too.  I cannot say enough great things about the people here.  We got quite a bit of “fist pumps” on our trip.
  • The beauty of this island is enough to make you connect (or reconnect) with nature and God.  I love beaches and I love mountains.  Put them both together on an island and wow, talk about beauty!  I felt at peace hanging out on the beach here with a mountain in view.  And I love the sounds of waves crashing on the shore line.  I could fall asleep to that every night.  I think God was thinking VERY imaginatively about this masterpiece of an island when creating it.
  • The list of things to do here are endless.  We had a whole list of adventures we wanted to try and sights we wanted to see, but we did not even scratch the surface on all the possibilities.  We did go ziplining and we hung out with the locals at the Friday night Gros Islet party.  We went jet skiing and paddle boating near our hotel.  We wanted to go scuba diving, but did not get the chance this time (and I have to admit I was 100% okay with that… I am somewhat afraid of scuba so I need to get certified before I try anything like it).
  • Palm trees are everywhere.  Matt made fun of me on this one, because I absolutely LOVE palm trees.  I could not stop talking about them when we got off the plane and Matt kept saying, “I don’t think all of these are palm trees…. some are banana trees.”  But, regardless, anything that resembles a palm tree makes me smile.  I love them.  If I didn’t live in Dallas, Texas, where there are no palm trees in sight, I would for sure have one in my backyard (or two or three or…).

Vacations are good for the mind, body, and soul.  If you ever feel the need to take a vacation and have no clue where to go, consider St Lucia.  Or anywhere in the Caribbean for that matter. You will not regret it!

Now tell me, where is your dream vacation?

  • Hello Brianna!
    Glad that you loved our beautiful Island St. Lucia and it was indeed a pleasure to have served you! On your next trip to St. Lucia feel free to contact us, to help plan your day adventure and also your airport transfer! We can also head on an adventure together during your next stay in St. Lucia?!:) Until then thank You!

    • Bri

      Thank you Willina and I will absolutely contact you the next time I head to St Lucia. Thank you for everything!