Looking Ahead: Goals for 2015

5 goals

Yikes! I can’t believe I am already thinking about 2015. But, it’s good to be a goal setter so I’m going to do it. Especially since it is the subject of today’s Fit Dish link up with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. My #fitfam is keeping me in line!

So, looking ahead, here are 5 of my goals for 2015…

{ONE} Get yoga certified. I have actually been saving up for this so I think 2015 is my year to get yoga certified. I love love love yoga and want to dive into it even more. Yoga certifications are both lengthy and pricey so it wasn’t one of those certifications I could get whenever. I am guessing it is because you learn quite a bit and are required to do so many hours (200 I think). I am keeping my eye out on the best places to get certified in Dallas. If you know of any, please let me know.

{TWO} Learn to swing dance. I love learning about dance and learning new dances so swing dancing is on my radar. My boyfriend and I actually found a good place to learn and practice on Wednesdays, but we have not been yet. December has sure been a busy month so I am pushing it to January or February for when we start learning. It’s going to be a blast!

{THREE} Travel abroad. I really have my heart set on New Zealand or an African safari. Or heck, if I have enough PTO we’ll do both!

{FOUR} Attend a blogging  conference. I have so many great ideas for the blog, but putting pen to paper is so hard to do with a full time job at times. I would love to hear how other people balance a career, family, and a blog. I have heard so many great things about conferences too, but I will need to save up since many are out of state.

{FIVE} Get educated in real estate. I am not going to quit my beloved career to become a real estate agent, but I do have an interest in real estate. I think the later part of 2015 will be a good time to go through a real estate course.

I really am excited for 2015 and hope you are too.I have a feeling that when January comes along a couple of these may change  slightly, but I will for sure do another vision board around that time. I love doing vision boards!

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  • Love the idae of a vision board! I am going to have to make one for 2015, I have a lot I am planning on tackeling this net year 😉

    • They are so fun to make and then you actually have the visual for the full year ahead.

  • Kate Scott

    You’ve got some great things coming up in 2015! I seriously need to learn to dance/be reincarnated as a person with rhythm! Ha!

  • Jessica Joy @theFitSwitch

    Whoa, these goals are awesome…and serious bidness. I like it. And yoga…awesome. I want to be an instructor someday…but like you said, there is a lot to it. I love your love of learning…I am the same way. You’re def contagious with it though! Thanks for linking up!

  • Lisa@runningoutofwine

    These are great goals! I think its awesome that you want to become a yoga instructor! Im sure you will learn a ton!

  • jillconyers

    Yoga certified is on my list of certs to get too! I would love to but I can’t do them all at once so PT and Nutrition cert first. I’m thinking about either Blogfest again or Fitbloggin’. Still deciding on that one. I have 4 vision boards I made this year. You will definitely see a new one in Jan.


    • I will have to look into blogfest and fitbloggin’. Haven’t heard of either one. Thanks for sharing!

  • You’ve got great goals for 2015! Pretty cool that you are looking to get yoga certified! I enjoy yoga but need to do it more, that’s actually one of my goals. I really want to learn more poses and increase my flexibility.

    • That’s where I started with yoga.. just increasing flexibility and learning new poses. I tell ya what, I have seen wonderful mind and body benefits even past flexibility. I love it! Thanks for stopping by.

  • I’m so excited about the swing dancing! I’ve always wanted to learn that too! 😛 (I’ve made peace with the fact that I’ll never have enough time to learn/do everything I want to. ._. There’s always something more!, but it doesn’t hurt to try! 😉

    I hope I can get to a blogging conference someday too! *-*

    • I have had to make peace with that fact too. I tell myself I don’t have to learn everything all at once or in the same year!

  • Super goals, best of luck.

  • Marisa Owen

    Yay goals!! I need to start thinking of mine for 2015! -Marisa

    • Goals are fun 🙂 I bet you will have some great ones for 2015. Btw, are you going to try Insanity Max 30? I am really trying to decide if I should get it or not.