Letters to Grandma (#1)

Since this is my first post about “Letters to Grandma”,  I have to start with a picture and description of the beautiful woman that has delighted my life for almost 30 years now.  This picture is from my college days in 2004.


My grandma and I have been writing back and forth since I was a young girl.  She lives in Webster City, Iowa, and I have always lived in Texas so this is our preferred way to communicate while we are apart.

The most recent card I made for her was super simple.  I almost always take a plain card to start and cover the front with scrapbook paper first.  I like to use photo glue made for scrapbooks to glue it on (sticks really well).  See below for the finished product.  The big sticker on the front slides out to the right and says, “Hugs & Kisses.”

letter to gma 1