Joy on Foot


Joy on Foot

I am grateful for my feet. Weird? Maybe. But, it’s true. I am absolutely thankful that my feet allow me to walk or run and find joy on foot. Now, I never said I like the looks of feet.. they kinda creep me out to be honest. But, I can be creeped out by the look of feet and still be so thankful for them. Isn’t that sweet? (threw that in for the rhyme.)

I can always find something to be grateful for. I am sure you can too. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I have an even bigger reminder to be thankful for the little things. So, today, I devote this post of thanksgiving to feet.

What do I mean by joy on foot? Some of you probably don’t even have to ask and know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Do you get that little tingle of excitement when you walk around a downtown or mall that is all lit up for the holidays? Or even without the holidays being around the corner, do you get that tingle of excitement when you are traveling to a new place and get to find new treasures on foot? Oh, I definitely do. Traveling is one of those “feel good” things for me. I love love love it! I love exploring new places and going on adventures.

That’s joy on foot. Loving exactly where you are and being thankful that YOU got yourself there. Your feet moved to do it. Heck yeah. High five, feet!

What do you enjoy doing on foot? I enjoy a variety of things on foot, but what I REALLY enjoy on foot are the following:

  • Taking a hike outdoors in Colorado.
  • Walking around a mall during the holidays (during the weekday to avoid the crowds ruining the joy for me).
  • Walking around a downtown anytime, especially a new downtown (even in the suburbs).
  • Taking a zumba class with my mom.
  • Walking around an airport with my Ipod playing. Hello, people watching!
  • Going country dancing with MK. We have only been once, but we have plans to go again soon. And even try swing dancing. AHHH! I am so excited just thinking about it. 🙂
  • Taking a Latin dance lesson with my favorite teacher, Ryan.
  • Taking my sister dogs for a walk with my parents.
  • Participating in a fun run or walk with friends. Last week we did the Six:02 6K and it was AWESOME!
  • Shopping (yes, I am THAT girl who LOVES to grocery shop too).

Man, that was fun. I got joyful just writing out that list. Here’s to being thankful! And not just on Thanksgiving, but ALL YEAR LONG!

What are you thankful for that your feet allow you to do?

This also my first time to participate in the Fitness Friday Link up! I love it. Join in if you have a blog and are interested. The host is Jill Conyers.