Being Grateful


A special friend and I have been writing down in a gratitude journal for the past week. Each day, we write down things we are grateful for and we tell each other what they were during a phone call at night. I have to say, it has been the coolest experience ever so far.

I am grateful for a lot of things…

I mean, I knew this already. I am a lover of the simple things in life. But, when you write them down and you talk about them. Whoa.. life changing! You instantly realize how blessed you are.

We did not decide to do this because of the holidays approaching, but I love the coincidence of it. I am vowing to do this every day for the rest of this year (and possibly even continue after that). The happiness that ensues after reading these lists is contagious. I won’t want to let that go. I encourage you to try it for a week and see what happens. Maybe even find a gratitude partner as well like I have. You may even find some common interests you didn’t realize you had.

Like us, for instance. We both are realizing how kick ass nature is and how much we need it on a regular basis. I connect with my spirit when I am outside. I connect with everything around me when I am outside. I LOVE being outside. Not sure how much clearer I can say that to myself. I have always known that I love the outdoors, but what I did not realize until this past week is that I NEED the outdoors. And I deserve that time outside daily, if even for 10 minutes. So now I will make much more of an effort to take that outdoor break when the urge strikes instead of pushing it off for more work or to do’s.

What is one thing you are so incredibly grateful for today?

  • Coffee! Does that count? 😛 Really, my answer would be waking up early to take my puppies to my mom’s house. I’m grateful for their never ending excitement and love, for my mother who willingly babysits them as if they were real children, and for the beautiful colors in the sky on my drive over. Totally worth losing 20 extra minutes of sleep to make sure they’re happy and well cared for.

    • Awww I love these! Pets are definitely members of the family. They bring so much joy to the world! And yes, coffee counts too.. 😉

  • jillconyers

    I started journaling first thing in the morning and part of that is making note of my gratitude. Everyday! It starts the day with a grateful heart.

  • Jo Elizabeth

    I love this!!! I love that you realized that you DESERVE the time outside! Enjoy it girl!