Giving Back

giving back

I am up to no good… started making trouble in the neighborhood. Not really, but you do get brownie points for knowing where I got that line. 🙂 And triple brownie points if you are still going with it in your head.

In all seriousness, I still have not posted about the wedding stuff this week so am taking this week off from the video series but still do want to mention something VERY important to Matt and me. The art of giving back. Weddings are so dang expensive. In fact, I often can’t believe how expensive they are and from what I have heard my budget is near the small end of the spectrum. Some women go ALL OUT for weddings, with the average cost being $25,200 from a quick google search. YIKES!

I am my parents only daughter so an actual wedding was important to them. And I have to admit, the tradition and symbolism of a wedding are important to me. I considered eloping (and I am sure MK would have LOVED it if we did), but the truth is I want my dad to walk me down the aisle. I want my family there with me. And I want Matt’s family there with us. I love his family and feel honored that I get to officially be a part of the Kennedy family soon.

Matt and I are very fond of animals so we have created a gift registry to help out our local animal shelter. If you feel called to help out at all we would be ever so grateful! Pet stuff is fun to buy for, is not that expensive, and these animals need it. You can view our registry by clicking right here.

We also created a water registry. Matt researched the heck out of charities and this one donates 100% of funds raised to water projects. It breaks my heart that so many people die of water-related illnesses each day. Don’t we all deserve clean water?!? I think so. You can view this charity by clicking here.

I am not begging for you to donate.. that is not why I am posting about this. I just think that so many people often want to donate to a greater cause so thought I would share. After we created the water registry, the site mentions something like, “offer to set up a donation link on your birthday instead of receiving birthday gifts.” How cool would it be if every single person did this just one time even?! Kids could see how their lives can impact others by doing this too. Just a thought!

The art of giving back is a part of health and wellness too, my friends. It pulls at your own heart strings AND benefits others. Here’s to giving back when we can!

What is your favorite charity to donate time or money to?

  • I love this! :]! I tend to never really have any money to give, but Please Save A Cat is a cat sanctuary that I donate time to whenever possible! <3 The lady who runs the shelter is like another mom to me, and takes care of over 80 cats and 4 dogs (+ guinea fowl and a ferret)–all rescues! :]!

    • Very sweet, I love that! I hope to donate more time in the near future to the local shelter myself. Animals are gifts that are often taken for granted.

  • I LOVE THIS! I am obsessed with animals and shelter pets (I do local work to help those in my area/state get adopted). What a beautiful way to honor your love.