Getting organized!

Getting Organized!

I am not an insanely messy person by any means, but I am also not the neatest. I do not clean my house daily nor do I have everything put together, labeled alphabetically, and a partridge in a pear tree. But, I do like things tidy and I tend to pick up on a regular basis. I don’t like unnecessary clutter or messes. ¬†Mainly because they tend to create clutter in my mind too.

A tidy space helps me be more creative and less stressed. I don’t know why, but again it all starts between the ears. The mind is so stinkin’ powerful and I like to keep mine as happy as possible!

So, I got organized. My office closet was chaos. My pantry was discombobulated (I really just wanted to use that word whether it fits or not). And under my bathroom sink, it was just plain disastrous. I would knock things over every single time I reached in for my comb or makeup bag.

I don’t like to spend a lot of money on baskets or containers and it is crazy how expensive some of that stuff can be. I opted for a less expensive route with canvas containers for the pantry and bathroom sink. I went with inexpensive shelving for my office closet. Now whenever I open my closet door for my crafting supplies or workout shoes, I smile. Same thing when I reach in for my blow dryer. And how do I feel when I grab the olive oil? “Like I could sing and dance for hours and be the happiest girl aliiiiiiivvvveeeeee.” (yes you were supposed to sing that as you read it and yes, I am exaggerating but my point is made).

So all is well with the mind when I get organized. How do you feel when you get organized?!

  • I am the exact same way when it comes to organization – it is so stressful for me when things are untidy! I love the mental relief that comes from a quick straightening of the apartment…so crazy that something so small can make such a big impact!
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