My Favorite Fitness Accomplishments


Happy Tuesday, dear friends! Hope your week is off to an AWESOME start! Mine has been busy (work is kicking my butt these days) so not sure I would use the word awesome for mine, but I did get a pedicure after work yesterday. I wanted a little Christmas on my toes so I may have had the lady paint a snowman on the big toes too. Perhaps that itself made my week off to an awesome start. Yeah, I will go with that. Screw busy work days… I have snowmen ON MY TOES!

Okay enough about that. Today is The Fit Dish link up with Jessica Joy and Jill Conyers. We are sharing our favorite fitness accomplishments OF ALL TIME! Oh boy, this will be fun. I have many favorites.

Let’s do this… in no particular order, here are my four favorite fitness accomplishments:

  1. Experiencing & completing the MS 150 with one of my best friends.Β This happened in 2007 when one of my best friends and I worked at Shell in Houston. Almost all of the oil companies sponsor the MS 150 so Shell had a team and we joined it. The MS 150 is a bike ride from Houston to Austin over 2 days to raise money and awareness for MS. The main reason this made my favorites list is because I have some hilarious memories from it. You really do get a little delirious riding on a bike for that many hours straight. I may have to share these memories in another blog post sometime because I am laughing just thinking about it.
  2. Teaching my very first group exercise class.Β I took a general group exercise course in college probably about 10 years ago. It was a course to gear you up for getting certified. I got certified a few years later when I finally decided to JUST DO IT (yes, like Nike). I taught my first class at a local country club gym. I was so nervous! The first class is always the hardest, but once you get that class out of the way you realize it AIN’T THAT BAD. And it becomes a hobby. I love it. I currently only teach Pure Barre, but have a feeling I will be teaching some type of group exercise class throughout my life.
  3. Running my first 10K. I had never ran anything past a 5K at the time, but I had a goal of completing a half marathon so used the 10K as a little milestone. It was my favorite run by far! It even beats the half. My older brother was by my side the whole time cheering me on and we were running on the weirdest terrain. It was all grass and hills. This was also a very small, local run in October so the drama department of the local high school dressed up like various dead people and acted their parts. I saw the twins from The Shining. Creeeeepy!
  4. Completing my first triathlon. I was a little more hardcore in Houston for some reason. I did the MS 150 and a triathlon in the same year. But, once I moved back to Dallas I hung up my swim trunks and bicycle shoes. No more crazy bike rides or tri’s. Maybe someday though. Anyway, my first triathlon makes my favorites list because of the transitions. I felt unstoppable being able to swim, bike, and then run. It was tough, but so worth it!

I have other fitness accomplishments, but what makes an accomplishment a FAVE for me is the experience. I find the most joy when I experience these milestones with others. That is the one constant in all of the above. I experienced the MS 150 with a best friend, my first group ex class with all of the gracious & patient participants, the 10K with my older brother, and the triathlon with a coworker. Cue the Beatles now… ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! πŸ˜‰

What about you? What is one of your favorite fitness accomplishments and why?

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  • MB Jackson

    I agree it is more fun with friends! i have finished several 10K’s this year and leave Friday for my first 15K with a girlfriend in Phoenix- I am so excited!!!!!

    • Have so much fun in Phoenix! Very cool. I have yet to travel for an event so that may be on my bucket list… to travel for a run or tri someday!

  • Lots of great accomplishments!! I have yet to do a Triathlon and would love to do one day. I just need to get better at swimming. πŸ™‚

    • The swimming was the hardest part to train for, I will say that. But I did find that at the actual event, the swimming and biking were my fave. Running after doing the first two was so stinkin’ hard!

  • Jenn

    I dream of doing a century ride! very cool accomplishments!

  • Fawn

    So cool! I thought about doing a Sprint triathlon but switched to a half marathon. The swim scares me! Haha
    One of my favorite accomplishments is getting up off the couch to finally lose 50+ lbs! πŸ˜‰ Thanks to running. πŸ™‚

    • Yeah the swimming is the weirdest part to train for. I had to get a membership to a 24 hour fitness with a pool b/c I knew I would not want to swim outdoors. 50+ lbs is a HUGE accomplishment. Congrats!!!!!! So proud.

  • jillconyers

    Favs of all time! Love your take on this week’s topic. I might have to do an all time favs post πŸ™‚

    Thanks for linking up friend!

    • Of course! I love linking up with the #fitfam every Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by!

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