Enjoy the Now

Enjoy The Now!

I am finally reading The Happiness Project. Consider it part of my summer reading list… I am quite the book worm these days (very new to me!). A friend of mine recommended it a long time ago and she even mentioned that she reads it every year. So I kept thinking, “If it is THAT good, what am I waiting for?!?” And thank goodness I decided not to wait any longer.

If you know much about the premise of the book, I am on month three.¬†If you don’t, she basically sets a goal for each month and then objectives to reach that goal. The writer’s focus for month three is to aim higher. One objective¬†within that goal is to enjoy the now.

I loved this paragraph so much so thought I would share…

“When I find myself focusing overmuch on the anticipated future happiness of arriving at a certain goal, I remind myself to “Enjoy now.” If I can enjoy the present, I don’t need to count on the happiness that is (or isn’t) waiting for me in the future. The fun part doesn’t come later, now is the fun part. That’s another reason I feel lucky to enjoy my work so much. If you’re doing something that you don’t enjoy and you don’t have the gratification of success, failure is particularly painful. But doing what you love is itself the reward.”

Brilliant! And so true… so with that, I wish you a wonderful weekend of enjoying the now.