What to Eat Wednesday: Endangered Species Chocolate


Indulge in a cause. I love that. That is the tag line for Endangered Species Chocolate. You can enjoy the pleasure of the chocolate AND the fact that 10% of the net profits from this company go to help endangered species.

I know you all like chocolate. Who doesn’t?! Or if you REALLY don’t, you know someone who does. So next time you are purchasing chocolate for yourself or a friend, consider purchasing this specific brand. I got two bars from Kroger yesterday for $2.99 total. It was buy one get one free. And, to not “over” indulge, I usually eat about 3 squares per day so these two bars will cover me for about 12 days. I think Dave Ramsey would give me a high five for that!

Okay, and since I do talk nutrition, I will tell you my tips for finding the BEST chocolate for your waistline…

  • Avoid buying brands with sugar as the very first ingredient. Chocolate should be the first ingredient since it is what you are wanting to buy (and is where the antioxidants are).
  • Aim for 70% cacao or above (FYI, cacao and cocoa or often used interchangeably). Obviously the higher the percentage, the better. But, not everyone can stand the taste of 90% cacao.
  • If you are not good with portion control, consider brands that have squares portioned out in individual packages.
  • If you are that person who swears by milk chocolate and just can’t imagine dark chocolate, consider eating it with a few almonds. That might be the key to helping you switch over. Your taste buds may just need that little help with the transition.
  • Savor each bite. Don’t rush through it. Enjoy the rich flavor of chocolate and you may find you just need a small amount to take away any sugar craving that comes your way.

I love plain dark chocolate, but often need to switch it up. This time I bought mint and one with cranberries and almonds. What is your favorite flavor of chocolate?