What to Eat Wednesday: Coconuts


I have to admit that I was 100% inspired to write this post after my visit to St. Lucia.  Coconuts are EVERYWHERE!  And the locals rave about the benefits of coconuts.  I have quickly decided to make a trip this week to my local grocery store for some of these bad boys.

The locals in St. Lucia are extremely friendly and hospitable.  I felt like instant friends with them.  A saying there is, “no pressure, no problems.”  I totally dig that.  I shall use it as a mantra when I am getting a little stressed.  They shared a few benefits of coconuts so today I share these with you:

  • My first friend was the guy in charge of water sports for our resort.  He had a coconut next to him that you could tell he had been nibbling on throughout the day.  He told me that coconuts work wonders on any digestive issue.  He eats coconuts daily and it eases any stomach issues he has.  It also keeps him regular… and no we did not talk about poop directly.  Just casually. You know.. no pressure, no problems.
  • My second friend was my tour guide for ziplining.  He was the best tour guide I have ever seen so if you are ever in St. Lucia, let me know and I will give you his name.  100% satisfied!  Anyway, that’s beside the point.  Our tour guide rode on the bus with us, which took about 70-80 minutes each way.  He kept us entertained with stories and interactive conversations.  He pulled out a bag of coconut pieces and had each of us try a bite.  He then talked about how coconut is good for fat burning and weight loss.  He says many of the locals use it as their go-to health staple.
  • My third friend climbed up the coconut tree and got me a coconut.  It was the coolest thing to watch!  I have a picture for you, because a picture is worth 1,000 words as we all know.coconut3

I have talked about coconuts before I am sure, but I had to talk about them again.  Next time you visit your local grocery store, buy a coconut and try it for yourself.  Nearly one third of the population rely on coconuts in some way as a food source.  If you don’t like the meat of the coconut, you can always use shredded coconut in a recipe or make a yummy drink with the milk inside.  If you make a drink, though, be sure to drink it in the coconut.. it is WAY MORE FUN!

Do you like coconut?  And if so, what is your favorite way to eat it?  (Ex: in a recipe, by itself, as a drink, etc.) Comment below!  I bet some of you even use coconut oil as a body moisturizer.

Eat well,

  • Varsha

    I am a nutritionist living in Trinidad and Tobago and I love coconust. The water is very good for hydration, and when someone is sick and weak with with the flu and high fever, the doctor usually recommend a lot of coconut water because of the electrolytes present.
    On the not so healthy side, in Trinidad, the water is used as a common chaser to mix with scotch.

    • Bri

      Way cool! Thank you for sharing. I would love to visit Trinidad someday.