Delights of the Week: It’s Summer Time!

The 5 on Friday link up that I normally do on Fridays is going on summer break. But, since I don’t have a summer break, I will still participate and call it “Delights of the Week.” I love sharing cool stuff that either happened this past week or is about to happen this weekend. Keeps me delighting in the simple things!

So, here we go…

{Delight #1} Grilled Corn on the Cob. I am grilling corn on the cob tonight. My favorite way to grill them is with fresh sprigs of rosemary. Grilling out on summer nights is the BEST! What is your favorite thing to grill?


{Delight #2} Bumble Bee Honey Dipper. Okay, I saw this cuuuuuuute honey dipper at Central Market the other day and had to buy it. I keep a jar of honey in my pantry, but currently just use a spoon or knife. This dipper makes it WAY more fun and actually less messy than the spoon or knife. Now I just need a holder for it. They had the holders too at Central Market, but for some reason I didn’t think I would need it. Now I think I do… go figure!

honey bee dipper

{Delight #3} Truck Yard in Dallas. Any of my Dallas peeps ever been here? I keep hearing about it and am super excited to head out to this place tomorrow night for a friend’s 30th birthday. Hoping to catch some good drinks, tasty bites, and plenty of fun with friends!


{Delight #4} Stitch Fix Inspiration. I have had a Stitch Fix before, but it has been quite a few months since my last one. I am ready to try it out again. I read on their blog to create a Pinterest board so they can tailor your stitch fix to your style interests. I had fun creating my new Stitch Fix Inspiration board before work this morning! I am so in the mood for new outfits for summer… and of course, cute work outfits too.


{Delight #5} The Jive. My dance lesson this week was all about the Jive. Oh my, do I love this dance! It is such an upbeat and exciting dance for me. My dance teacher and I are talking about doing a competition sometime at the end of the year. I am pumped and finally feel ready… or somewhat ready. I still have a lot of work to do!



What are some of your delights from this past week? Or delights you are looking forward to this weekend?