My Current Triple Threat

Triple Threat

What movement is YOUR movement? Or let me rephrase.. what MOVES you? What activities currently encourage you to move those cute little feet of yours? I currently have three and consider them my triple threat.

We will get to my triple threat in a second, but first let me tell you why knowing your answers to the questions above is important…

  1. Just like we have four seasons of the year, we can have seasons of activities. Or simply put, you may not ALWAYS enjoy the same activity year-round.
  2. Doing the same workout day in and day out is not only ineffective, but BORING. Yawnnnnnn.
  3. Knowing what moves you will keep you moving. It is THAT simple. You CAN get to the point where you are looking forward to movement most days.

My current triple threat happens to be… Yoga, PIYO, and walking outside. That last one may change quicker than the other two as the temperatures start to fall lower and lower. This lady loves being WARM! But, as it stands currently, I love to start the morning with a little yoga (even 10-20 minutes can have huge benefits if done regularly). It gets me in the right frame of mind to have a kick-ass day. And that, I like… and will always welcome. Second, I tend to do a PIYO workout over my lunch break, in the evening, or right after yoga if I have time. I am flexible with this one. Third, walking happens whenever I need a break. I love getting outside so will often take a 20 minute break during the workday to get outside or walk a little longer after work before dinner.

What I love about my triple threat (and will keep in mind when I switch some things up for a new triple threat in the future) is that I incorporate all 3 important components of fitness. 1) Cardiovascular exercise, 2) Strength, and 3) Flexibility. All 3 are so important and we often skip out on one or two. When choosing your workouts, keep those components in mind.

I love varying my workouts. I tend to change things up a bit at least every quarter, but sometimes more often. I keep my body guessing and this can be a beautiful thing. The body does not need to get used to your workout. But, it should love the movement you are gifting it regularly!

So now tell me, do you have your own version of a triple threat? Do you know what MOVES you?