Convo’s With Non-Fitness Enthusiasts


Today’s Fit Dish link up topic is an interesting one. I am not quite sure where to go with this so I am going to ramble and hope it all makes sense. Before I do, thanks to Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy for hosting!

I have convo’s all the time. It is a part of my job! I create and deliver wellness programs to various businesses so I often hear from employees that have questions, comments, or concerns regarding wellness. Not everyone loves fitness. I get that. We all have our likes and dislikes.

But, when I meet someone that absolutely hates fitness or anything wellness-related, I often think, “Too bad because fitness can turn that frown upside down.” It is not my job to change his or her mind. Stages of change, anyone? Not everyone is fully ready for a change in a certain area (fitness included). However, I love that through living a healthy life I can plant a seed at the very least. We are all on our own journey and in every aspect of life, we are growing at different rates.

There is another end of the totum pole that I want to mention here too. What about the non-credible fitness enthusiasts? Aghh, I cringe! The peeps that tout all sorts of health-related bullshit that isn’t really factual and just creates more and more confusion. I know I have mentioned it before, but most diet and fitness plans are plans that worked for that specific individual. To then claim that it is the BEST for everyone and we should all try it is nonsense. Our taste buds are different, our bodies and genetics are different, our interests are different, and heck even our goals may be different. Not everyone wants to look a specific way! So keep that in mind whenever you read, “Lose weight fast” and “Best diet ever” type of posts or articles. Be your body’s CEO! Don’t let anyone else take that role for you!

I can’t say I have many actual conversations with the non-credible fitness enthusiasts, but I often want to. If only I could tell every diet pill maker to f*** off, I totally would. I have friends that buy into the quick and easy fix, but man oh man is it just a waste of money. Hellooooooo, marketing scheme! It breaks my heart though because certain diets, rigid exercise plans, taking weight loss pills, etc. only lead people further away from a healthy and happy lifestyle that works specifically for him or her. What’s left could be disordered eating, insecurities, depression, overexercising, guilt, and shame.

Turns out when I ramble I get REALLLLLLLLL. Ya know what I’m sayin? So, I guess the gist of it all is that I strongly believe in trusting yourself, loving yourself, and being good to yourself. Even if I can’t change someone’s mind in that regard, I can be a positive influence and perhaps plant a little wellness seed.

  • I have the SAME issue with the internet and non-credible sources of information. It frustrates me to no end when people are essentially giving medical advice ON THE INTERNET but have zero training to do so.

  • I love how you say “be your body’s CEO”!! You wouldn’t let a random person run your business, you want experts, dedicated people who will want to see it grow. It is the same with your body! You don’t want those non-credible people in charge.

  • Such a great post, Bri! I just shared your click to tweet because I love it. You’re so right, none of this stuff is a one-size fits all OR quick fix and there are far too many people out there selling false (and dangerous) solutions. You must love your job! 🙂

  • Urghh…I totally forgot about the non-credible fitness enthusiasts! Freakkiinnnggg diet pill makers and all those companies that make “quick-fix cures” that will do absolutely nothing. :[ I would kick em’ all in the face if I could, but alas. :/

    P.S. I’m sorry if this posts twice! :[ My laptop’s being dumb!

  • Jessica Durfee

    Dude, your ‘rambles’ rock and I wish we lived close! That would be fun!!! I loved what you had to say. Love the idea that we are our body’s CEO, and planting wellness seeds. After thinking so much about this post, I have come to realize that fitness can be as tough a subject as religion. haha. But, in certain ways, they are very similar. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, they definitely made me think even deeper about this! Take care! #fitfamlove

  • jillconyers

    I am my body’s CEO. I know better than anybody what is best for me! Great post Bri!