Christmas Ab Challenge

I know, I know.. an ab challenge during the holidays?  I must be crazy!  But, the Christmas Ab Challenge is a very simple way to get in some extra exercise over the holidays and keep you aware of your abs this season.  When aware of those hard-earned abs, you will be less likely to eat 10 gingerbread cookies and will keep it to only 1 or 2.

Once January comes, you will be ready to set a different new years resolution, because you have exercise in the bag!  The challenge starts December 1st.

Here you go:  Christmas Ab Challenge 2013

If you are joining me in the Christmas Ab Challenge, please feel free to reach out to me if you think the challenge will be too easy or too hard.  I can modify it for you!  Comment below just how EXCITED you are about this simple 31 day challenge.  It’s my Christmas present to you all!



  • Kathy Logsdon

    LET’S DO THIS!!!!

  • Meredith

    Sign me up!!! Here we come an challenge!