Cha cha cha changes


I have been going through a ton of changes this past week. It is almost as if my life flipped upside down and then kept spinning. But, that’s okay… life does that sometimes. So, needless to say, the blogging went out the window for a little over a week. Other things did too. But, I am back. And that is what is important. Right?!

I don’t know about you, but when I go through a difficult time or huge changes, my regular schedule and normal patterns do not seem to fit. I get uncomfortable. I do not like being uncomfortable. Does anyone?! So, I turn to meditation and/or a little yoga. I reconnect. I focus on my breathing. And I get through it.

The healthy habits return, but perhaps in a different way. I focus more on what my mind, spirit, and body need rather than what I think they should need. There is a huge difference usually. Lately, I am…

  • Finding that I need a good mixture of activity. Some days I can’t wait to do yoga, but other days I really feel the need for a more intense workout.
  • Excited to get outside most days and take in the fresh air on a walk, either with my sister dogs, by myself, or with someone else.
  • Looking forward to these meditation CDs that I have. I do not listen to these daily, but a good 20 minute meditation here and there is doing wonders for me.
  • Growing more interested in Ayurveda. In fact, I plan to meet with an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner sometime this week. Perhaps I will blog about it a little?! We shall see.
  • Interested in finding 10 recipes that I absolutely love. I want to have go-to recipes that I can turn to whenever I have nothing else on my mind to cook. I am hoping that others also like these recipes since I rarely cook for just myself. And, I have to admit, I love the crockpot so at least a few will be crockpot recipes!
  • Eating way too many chocolate chip cookies. I absolutely love cookies, especially when they are homemade and warm. Yum! I have to admit that Chick-fil-A actually has some realllllllllly good cookies. It kinda stinks that I know this now, because my taste buds get excited when I drive by any Chick-fil-A now. Perhaps I need to find a healthier, but just as tasty option at home. Any ideas?!
  • Desiring more outings with friends. I love my friends and can always use more friend time. Aren’t friends the best?!?
  • Thinking positively. Even when life hands you lemons, we know what to do with them. Life goes on. And every moment can still be enjoyed! Here’s to living in the moment and being grateful.

Speaking of changes, I also want to change up this blog a little. Maybe the look?! If any of you have any ideas or think I should versus should not, please let me know. I am not the best at making decisions. Hah!

Happy Sunday, friends!