Last Sunday Social


It is officially the last Sunday Social. Talk amongst yourselves, I am feeling verklempt. (Cue SNL skit here). No, but really, I am a little sad that this is the last Sunday Social. I will have to find a good replacement.

Grab your coffee or tea and let’s get to it…

  1. How did you come up with your blog name? My best friend helped me come up with the name. Thank you, Marcena! I told her I wanted to start a health and wellness blog. I came up with some “farm” type name… I think it was The Chicken Coop. She told me it sounded too dirty and gross. So, she helped me come up with the name Simple Delights after I told her I wanted it to be a blog with a goal of keeping wellness tips simple and fun. Plus, life really is about the simple things. Isn’t it?!
  2. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Connecting with new and pro bloggers. It is like a whole new world on the blogosphere- so many supportive and encouraging people. I love it!
  3. What is one thing you have discovered because of blogging and now can’t live without? Really cool fitness brands with positive messages like Lorna Jane and Six02. I am a huge fan of both!
  4. Facebook or Twitter? Why? Ehh neither. I am way more interested in Instagram than Facebook or Twitter. But, if I have to choose one, I guess I will say Facebook. But for my personal page and not my blog page. That one is SO hard to grow! I like my personal page so I can keep up with family and friends, near and far.
  5. If one celeb read your blog who would you want it to be? Tough question. I guess Sandra Bullock because she is such a bad ass. I would love to be her friend too.
  6. What is something you want people to know about your blog? I strive to help others find and refine their own tools to healthy living. I will never sell you on a fad diet (did you know diets fail you and not vice versa?!?), force you into a crazy intense workout, or tell you that you MUST do certain things to live healthy. I encourage others to find simple and fun ways to live a healthy, happy life. I really hope I do that and am always trying to improve the blog to ensure that I meet that goal.

Now I turn it over to you.. what is YOUR favorite social media outlet- Facebook, twitter, or Instagram? Why?

Sunday Social: Second to the Last


I have bittersweet news. This is the second to the last Sunday Social. I have always enjoyed this link up so will be sad to see it go. However, there will be a new link up in November so will look forward to that.

This week has been a busy one where every morning has been a “get up and go” type of morning. I love that today I get a break from that. So grab your beverage and let’s get social this morning…

  1. Favorite month and why. Well, I have two favorite months. I love June because it is my birthday month and I have always enjoyed having a summer birthday. I also love October. The weather is beautiful in Texas in October and it kick starts holiday season.
  2. Favorite holiday and why. Christmas for sure. I know a lot of people pick Christmas as a favorite, but there is a reason for that. I love getting to see family and spend quality time with them. I love all the lights and decorations. I love the spiritual aspects of Christmas. I love the extra time off. I love Christmas movies, music, and shows. Everyone seems happy around Christmas too!
  3. Are you getting the new Iphone 6 or are you more of an Android person? I am undecided at this point. I will have to make a choice in January, but for now I am leaning towards switching over to Android. My boyfriend’s phone plan went from $100 to like $30 by switching providers AND switching phones. I may do the same. That’s a huge chunk of savings each month!
  4. Most thoughtful gift you have ever received from someone. I have a very thoughtful boyfriend so to pick just one is kinda hard. The first time I found out how thoughtful he is was on my 24th birthday. It was our first year of dating and actually had only been together for a few months. He made a scrapbook for me with pictures of all of our little adventures. He hand glued everything and even borrowed some supplies from his crafty sister. It was so cute!
  5. Something you can’t wait to splurge on. A trip to New Zealand. I think 2015 is the year!

What about you? What is your favorite holiday and why?

Sunday Social: Snail mail


I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I love the relaxation and homebody-ness that occurs on Sunday, but I don’t like the way that I feel right before bed. I get that “eek” feeling about starting my work week over. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my day job. I would not trade it for the world. But, let’s be serious, the weekend should have at least one extra day. Am I right or am I right??

Enough with the Debbie Downer, I will still enjoy my Sunday and it all starts with a little Sunday Social. I call this one snail mail and you will see why with question 5.

  • What is your favorite magazine to read? I am a sucker for Women’s Health and Health. I have always liked these two magazines and feel they do a decent job of spreading positive health messages. Some magazines I could not say the same for.
  • What is the best thing you’ve seen online lately? This inspiring story about a group of kids in Thailand in 1986 who wanted to play football, but lived on a small island with no land to play on. They had obstacles and overcame them with a lot of creativity and perseverance. It is such a cool story… if you have 5 minutes to watch it, I would highly recommend it.

  • Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter? Surprisingly I do not follow many celebrities on Instagram. The only one I follow is Aaron Paul and his wife. They are too cute!
  • Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can’t help but love? My soft and comfy robe from Target. I am naturally cold and hate being cold so always snuggle up with that in the morning before I get ready for the day. Sometimes I will even grab it at night before watching TV. I definitely wear it more in the winter months, but I do tend to grab it in the summer too. And don’t worry, I don’t ever go out Hugh Hefner style…
  • Do you prefer email or snail mail? Snail mail all the way! My grandma and I are pen pals and I absolutely love it. Email is obviously more convenient, but that is why snail mail is that much more exciting to receive.

Now it is your turn… what do you prefer- email or snail mail?

Sunday Social: Ready for Fall?


I will be honest with you. I am not quite ready to start drinking Fall drinks, decorate for Fall, or wear Fall clothing. The ONLY reason why I am not ready is because it is still pretty flippin’ hot outside here in the big D. No scarves are in my future until about Thanksgiving.

But what about you? Are you ready for Fall? I do love the season so am totally fine with talking about it. And that is just what we are doing for today’s Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley. Let’s hit it…

  1. What is your favorite part of Fall? Fireside chats. Fall reminds me of having friends by a fire pit, just chatting about life. And I love that!
  2. Do you have anything special planned for Fall? My boyfriend and I are talking about that next step so heck yeah we have something special planned for Fall. Can’t reveal it yet though… and really, we don’t have anything set in stone so for now the “special” part is just anticipation. But really.. isn’t anticipation at least half of the fun anyway?!
  3. What is Fall like in your area? It’s crisp and I finally get to drive around with my top down… no, not that top silly. It ain’t Mardi Gras! 😉 But seriously, May/June and Oct/Nov are the only months I get to FULLY enjoy my convertible and I savor every moment of it that I can.
  4. What is your favorite Football team to cheer for? Are you kidding me? I would rather watch the half time show. If there is one.
  5. Do you decorate for Fall? I do a tad. Well, really for each holiday and not for Fall directly. So, I have not started decorating yet b/c I wait until October to start decorating for Halloween.

So now tell me, what is your favorite part of Fall?

Sunday Social: 5 things


Last week was the first time in a LONG time that I missed Sunday Social, but I am back at it today. We are all about “5 things” today. Ready to jump in? Let’s go!

  1. 5 things you want us to know about you. I am going to keep these pretty random- 1) I love animals… oftentimes more than humans. They don’t gossip, call people names, or make relationships confusing… they just love. 2) I’ve lived in all 3 big metro areas of Texas (Houston, DFW, & Austin area). 3) My strongest sense is smell. Different scents remind me of certain things from my past and I love the heck out of candles. 4) I still send snail mail. My grandma is my pen pal and it rocks. 5) I love airports. In fact, I like to have around an hour to roam around before my flight. A cup of tea and the Ipod makes me smile the whole time I roam too.
  2. 5 favorite things about blogging. I love a lot about blogging so this will be easy. 1) Networking with other bloggers and friends from all over. 2) Blogging reminds me to take more pictures of simple things. 3) Blogging led me to Instagram, which is definitely my favorite social media platform. 4) I get to write a lot and I really do like writing. 5) Most importantly, I hope that through blogging I am inspiring others to live or maintain a healthy, happy life.
  3. 5 things you are doing before the year is over. 1) Going to Colorado for a White Christmas. 2) Attending a Rangers game. 3) Seeing a comedy tour (pumped about Louis C.K.). 4) Decorating the house for Halloween better than last year.. heck, I may even dress up for the trick-or-treaters this year. 5) Helping my best friend move back to Texas. Okay, that one isn’t for sure yet but I am REALLY hoping it happens. 😉
  4. 5 favorite fall fashion staples. I am not a fashionable person by nature, but I do know what I like so will give this a shot. 1) Scarves.. hello, they scream fall. 2) Boots and I don’t discriminate, I like all types. 3) Skinny jeans. I used to hate jeans until I met my favorite pair of skinny jeans. 4) Simple jackets. They allow you to wear any of your t-shirts and tanks underneath so you don’t have to go buy every sweater known to man. 5) Hoodies. I love a good hoodie, especially whenever I am at home lounging around. My favorite ones are from Victoria’s Secret because they are unbelievably comfortable.hoodie
  5. 5 favorite beauty products. 1)My top has to be the Unblemish line of Rodan + Fields. It has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Mindee, for introducing me to this. 2) Bare Minerals. Until someone introduces me to a different (and better) make up line, I will stick to the powder foundation and eye shadow from Bare Minerals. 3) Black eyeliner and mascara. I don’t really care what brand it is, but I always have some on hand. 4) Bronzer. My current one is from Chanel and I like it. 5) Eos chapstick. A girl can never leave home without chapstick. Am I right?!

Have a great Sunday, friends!

Sunday Social: Fall


Happy Sunday, friends! Matt and I are about to head out to the country to ride motorcycles. Well, I ride.. he drives. I never thought I would enjoy riding on the back of one, but oh my goodness are they fun. Especially in the country!

I hope whatever you have planned today is delightful to you!

Before I leave, I wanted to participate in Sunday Social. You know I love it! And this one has a question about Fall. I don’t know one female that does not look forward to Fall when it comes.

  1. What are you most looking forward to about Fall? The scents and pumpkins. My favorite candle scents are Fall flavors for sure. Pumpkin spice, anyone?pumpkin
  2. What is your favorite sports team? I am not the girl that fancy’s watching sports on TV. So, with that fact.. can I really be a full fledged fan?! Probably not. But if we are choosing favorite teams, I will go with the Texas Rangers. I have enjoyed going to the stadium(s) since I was a little girl.
  3. If you could go back to college is there one thing you would change? I wish I would have started in Nutrition all those years ago instead of fully going back to school for it. I graduated with a business degree the first time. Although, I can’t say I regret it. But, I do wish I would have at least minored in Nutrition or explored it more the first go-round. Oh and I do always say that I wish I stuck with the dance team. I quit after a year and half.
  4. What was your first class you ever took? We had to take this class called University Seminar to get you fully ready for college. I enjoyed it. I laughed at the teacher quite often… he was a retired clown and sure looked (and acted) the part. I could almost see his clown shoes and painted smile every time I looked at him. Once a clown always a clown?!
  5. Reach into your purse and name the first thing you grab. Sticky socks. I always have a pair in my purse. I never know when I am going to want to take or teach a Pure Barre class. Or any other class that requires sticky socks. It seems like a lot do these days.pb

Sunday Social: Splurge


Let’s dig in to a little Sunday Social. I am naming this one splurge, because it just sounds fun! Grab your coffee or tea and let’s get to it. Comment your answer to one of the questions too.. don’t be shy!

Questions of the week are:

    1. One item you wish you could splurge on right now. A blog makeover. I like my design and all, but feel ready for something fresh and new. Now that I have been in the blogging world for almost a year, I have taken notes on what specifics I want and don’t want. But, paying someone to design my blog is expensive so I am holding off for now. For the bloggers, how often do you change up your blog look (if at all)?
    2. If you had an entire weekend with no plans what would you do? I would finally go kayaking with my younger brother and get my brothers and friends together for sand volleyball. I have not played enough sand volleyball this summer. Must.Play.Soon.
    3. Next place you are visiting outside your current city. Silverthorne, Colorado. I am thrilled! Going at the end of this month for Labor day weekend to see my parents, enjoy nature, and get away for a long weekend.

      My parent's place in the winter.

      My parent’s place in the winter.

    4. Are you a neat freak or a clutter bug? This is a funny question and I actually fall somewhere in between. I am no neat freak, but I also hate clutter. I will let clutter pile up for a very limited amount of time so probably de-clutter each area once or twice per week. Does that qualify me as a neat freak? Most neat freaks I know de-clutter daily or multiple times per day. Not me.
    5. Favorite summer purchase. Plane tickets. My favorite purchases have and always will be on travel. Memories are best made on trips!

Sunday Social: One


I am a little late to the Sunday Social game today, but better late than never. Right?! 😉 I had a crazy morning, but it turned out to be a wonderful Sunday. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as well. This week’s questions are all about choosing ONE of something.

Questions of the week are:

    1. One show that you would love to see on Netflix that isn’t there. Any of the HBO shows. Why oh why can’t HBO cut a deal with Netflix?!?! I know, I know. They like to compete. I see how it is. But, Dave Grohl with the Foo Fighters is premiering his new show, Sonic Highways, on HBO. My boyfriend and I are dying to see it. We may get HBO just for that. Dave Grohl is pretty freakin’ awesome and talented!sonic-highways-foo-2
    2. One song you wish they would play more of on the radio. I can’t help myself (sugar pie, honey bunch). I love the heck out of this song. The Temptations, or any Motown artist for that matter, could use more air time. I wouldn’t mind one bit.
    3. One  favorite song you sing loudly in the car. Lately it’s been “One Sweet Love” by Sara Bareilles. It doesn’t come on the radio much that I know of, but I have it on my Itunes. Love it! I don’t sing like her, but I sure like to pretend I do.

  1. One movie or TV show that you quote the most. This might actually be a tie between Billy Madison and The Sandlot. And I will be honest, it has been that way since I was a teenager. I loved these two movies growing up and watched them endlessly. I never got bored. So now, when the world needs a good quote or I find it applicable, I will throw in a little “For-ev-errrr”, “Chlorophyl, more like Borophyl,” or my favorite, “That is corrrrrrreeect.” Oh man do I miss me some Chris Farley.
  2. One silly thing you do daily. Talk to my cat. I know she cannot understand me, but I just love that thing to pieces!!!!!!IMG_3390


Sunday Social: Simple Questions!


We have some simple questions lined up for today’s Sunday Social and I LOVE it! 

Questions are:

Gum or mints? Mints all the way. I used to be a gum fanatic and literally would have gum after every meal or snack. But, I thought about it long and hard and decided I didn’t want to be a regular smacker. I mean, some people REALLY smack gum without even knowing it. I did not want that to be me so I gave gum up late last year. I now regularly turn to Altoids smalls.altoids

Tea or coffee? I am a tea girl through and through. At times I can even cross the “tea snob” line. But, what can I say, I love a good cup of hot tea! Only every so often will I want a cup of coffee… love the smell, but not a big fan of the taste. Maybe I just haven’t had a reallllly good cup yet?!IMG_2133

Fruits or veggies? Fruit. I have always loved fruit and easily eat 3 or more per day. Veggies are extremely nutritious and I love them too, but it does take a more conscious effort to eat more veggies.

TV or movies? TV. Surprisingly, I had this conversation with my brothers on Friday. I made the statement that I love TV shows, because you get a “break” in between episodes. When we watch TV at night, I would much rather sit through 40 or so minutes, break for a bit, and then watch another episode. Sitting for an hour and 30 minute to 2 hours all at once isn’t for me to do on the regular. I either fall asleep or get antsy.

Candles or diffusers? Candles. In fact, I have one lit right now and it is “Lanikai Coconut”. Love the smell! I also love the light from candles so will often work or do a little yoga in candlelight. It is so peaceful!IMG_3159

Thanks for joining in on Sunday Social! Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday.

Sunday Social: Items


It’s Sunday Social time. The theme for today is “items”. I am sitting here with my warm lemon water and peanut butter toast, enjoying my Sunday morning. I hope you are having a splendid Sunday as well. 😉

This week’s questions are below..

  1. 3 favorite songs right now: I have a lot of all time favorites, but will stick to current songs for this question. 1) Dierks Bentley’s Drunk on a Plane. Not sure why I like it, but it makes me smile when I hear it and all I think about it is how fun it’d be to be on that plane (Mardi Gras up in the clouds, anyone?!). 2) Classic by MKTO. I love the way this song makes me want to dance. It reminds me of Jackson 5 a tad. 3) Really Don’t Care by Demi Lovato. I like her. Plus, Cher Lloyd is on the track and I like her too. 
  2. 3 favorite movies that remind you of summer: 1) Billy Madison. I haven’t seen it in awhile, but I used to watch it ALL the time, especially in the summer. 2) Hitch. It’s so cute and they do some summer-like activities on their dates. Why isn’t Will Smith in any movies lately?! Love him. 3) Grease. I spent many summers singing songs from this with my friend, Hailee. I wasn’t good. She was. But we both had a blast!Billy_madison_poster
  3. 3 favorite articles of clothing you own: I am going with 3 favorite articles of clothing I own for summer.. 1) The new top I bought from Lorna Jane (pic below). It is super comfortable! Side note, I am loving this brand and all that they stand for. 2) Shorts for summer. Gap and LC are my two fave brands for shorts. 3) Comfortable long skirts. I got two from Target. Mossimo rocks!why not
  4. 3 items on your wish list: 1) Yoga certification through Uptown Yoga in Dallas. But really, I am saving up for this to purchase myself. I call it my “yoga fund.” Hoping for mid year 2015. 2) Spanish course. I want to learn Spanish fully and be able to speak it fluently. Consider it a long term goal. 3) A trip to anywhere. That will ALWAYS be on my wish list. I love to travel!
  5. 3 books you would recommend to someone: 1) Anything by Brene Brown. I think she is fantastic. Daring Greatly was the last one I read. 2) The Happiness Project. Currently reading it. It was recommended to me by Neely. I like how this can apply to everyone. 3) If you like suspense, anything by James Patterson. My dad has been lending me some of his books and they are page turners. I have enjoyed the two I have read so far.books