I Am Enough

I Am Enough


I am really late to this Fit Dish from last Tuesday, but it is such an empowering topic that I still HAVE to jump in. Diving all in, folks. I love “self appreciation” posts. I think we need more LOVE in the world. Less hate. Including self hate. So, I am taking part in the I Am Enough project with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch. Perhaps some of you already took part in it.


Let me first start with why this phrase resonates with me. I fought the good fight with self esteem issues in my past. I was a striver of perfection, always feeling like a let down to myself. I wore myself out trying to be someone that I wasn’t. I had to walk down my own journey to find out that… I am, indeed, enough. Just the way that I am.


I have learned a few things to be true about self esteem…


The first is that everyone struggles with it at times. And that’s okay. No one is immune to the negative devil that sits on the left shoulder taunting the angel on the right. We go through things that may bring up negative thoughts. It’s life!


The second is that whenever these negative thoughts come more often than not, we need to seek help. Not one single person on this planet is alone. Look around. I feel like singing Michael Jackson’s, “You Are Not Alone,” right now. But, I’ll spare you. Help is abundant. Some can seek help with a friend or family member. Others may need professional help. And that’s okay. For the small things I often seek a friend or family member, but for the bigger things I am all about speaking to a therapist. I have had some significant life breakthroughs while speaking to a therapist. (In fact, it is the very reason I gained the confidence to quit my Lease Analyst job at Shell to become a Registered Dietitian). Just sayin’!



The third is that only you can determine your self worth. Did you hear me? A magazine, beautiful model, rude jerk down the hall, or the next diet/fitness craze does NOT determine your self worth. I once worked for a doctor who thought he was God’s gift to women. He was a certified angus chach. He often joked around with the staff, but one day he took it too far. He patted my stomach and asked me if I was pregnant, as he laughed. No lie! I felt humiliated. I was furious. This was in front of three other co-workers as well. He said a few other rude and offensive jokes that day to two of the other co-workers so maybe he was just 100% in jerk mode that day, but it doesn’t give him an excuse. Later on, he continued with the joke and told my co-worker, “Oh now she is going to just drink water all day.” It was as if he knew what he said was a blow to my self esteem. I let him get to me. I let him determine my self worth for the rest of that day. I cried in the bathroom for a bit that night as I pinched my “not pregnant or overweight” belly. I even threw away the jeans I wore that day because in my mind they were part of the problem. They weren’t. I have since realized that people can be rude and say offensive things, but I don’t have to let them get to me. I can stand strong and know my inner and outer beauty. I can believe in that. I can believe that I am enough. If he were to tell me that today, I would probably shake my head and say something along the lines of, “Nope, not pregnant. But I hope to get pregnant someday and if I have a boy I will raise him to respect other people. Guess you didn’t learn that lesson.” And then when I went home that night I wouldn’t cry or throw away my jeans. I would just be thankful that I don’t live an unhappy life to where I have to put down others for my own personal pleasure. I determine my own self worth, thank you very much!


I guess I really love this type of post because it empowers each and every one of us to take charge of what goes on inside those beautiful brains of ours. The mind is a powerful tool and sometimes we just need that little reminder that we are enough.


And here is the full picture… I liked it because I turned away as the camera snapped and have a serious face. I mean business, people! This is vewy sewious!



Wedding Pictures!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen quite a few of these but I wanted to post them on the blog as well. Here are a few of my wedding pictures. Enjoy!

My Groom

My Groom

The Bride

The Bride

Right after getting ready to walk down the aisle!

Right after getting ready to walk down the aisle!

My dad and me. Love him!

My dad and me. Love him!

Matt and I at the alter.

Matt and I at the alter.

We're Married. This deserves a fist pump!

We’re Married. This deserves a fist pump!

I love the outdoor look in this picture. It stopped raining right before we had the ceremony!

I love the outdoor look in this picture. It stopped raining right before we had the ceremony!

Our wedding party. Want to know something cool? I had all "M" bridesmaids.

Our wedding party. Want to know something cool? I happened to have all “M” bridesmaids. And those are my two brothers on the right.

I had to have a picture with the cool door.

I had to have a picture with the cool door.

Dinner time. But first, a kiss.

Dinner time. But first, a kiss.

Our first dance as husband and wife.

Our first dance as husband and wife.

Before I go, I want to let you know that I plan to do a blog makeover REAL soon! I am a “font” nerd and hate my current font. And then from there I decided…. why don’t I give the blog a whole new fresh look all around?! So over the next few weeks (hopefully) you should see it looking a little different around here. Hoping to do it myself, but oftentimes I get myself into pickles and need help getting out of them so we will see. Luckily I have a new husband that is savvy with EVERYTHING! 😉

Cheers to the weekend, friends!

Current Favorite Health-Related Podcasts

Favorite Podcasts

I am linking up for The Fit Dish with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch today. We are discussing podcasts. I am always looking for new podcasts to follow so am really looking forward to reading all of the posts today! I follow a few comedians and one reality star (guilty pleasure!), but I do have 3 current favorite health-related podcasts too so I will share those today.

I have talked about one podcast below on one of my wedding series posts, but I will name her again because I am still digging on it!

  1. Fearless Rebelle Radio with Summer InnanenI love her caption so will share it directly… “Fearless Rebelle Radio is here to empower you to defy the standards and break the rules in order to radiate confidence, relish in your uniqueness, and live life fearlessly on your own terms.” Who can’t dig that?!?!
  2. Mind Body Musings Podcast. Maddy Moon is a podcast host I heard through Fearless Rebelle Radio. She was a fitness competitor and realized that the starvation diets and strict exercising left her unhappy and wanting more out of life. She now strongly advocates trusting yourself, loving yourself, and saying no to the crazy diet and exercise rules. This is probably my favorite podcast of the moment because I love all of her topics lately!
  3. The Model Health Show. This one is with Shawn Stevenson and I can’t believe I had never heard about him before. I found out about him when he was a guest on Fearless Rebelle Radio too. I love his voice! And since podcasts are all voice that is an important characteristic. He does say some out there stuff that I would probably never try, but most of his stuff is interesting.

Side note: if you haven’t heard of Dear Sugar Radio, check it out too. I love the questions that come in… it is almost like a Dear Abby column. I always loved reading those in the newspaper as a kid so always seem to enjoy this podcast too.

I am just scratching the surface on health-related podcasts so seriously cannot wait to find more! What is your favorite podcast, health-related or solely for entertainment?

Wedding Series: Wedding Week!


Wedding Series (7)

First things first, THE DRESS FITS AND LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!! I can’t wait to wear it on Saturday and am feeling a HUGE sense of relief. Now I can just enjoy the rest of my wedding week. 🙂

I am not in a video kind of mood today so am going to recap where I am at and where I am going with words. Oh, I love words. Writing can be so therapeutic… ya know?!

This past week, some of the many things I have accomplished with the wedding planning include:

  1. Finalizing the catering order. I am thinking we will have about 115 guests attend so have the number at 125 so that my vendors can eat too. And I definitely think it is better to overestimate when it comes to the food rather than underestimate.
  2. Picking up snacks for the day of. Costco is a rockin’… I love that place! I picked up some snacks for the day of. I have a lot of AWESOME peeps helping out with the decor and getting the place ready for the big event. Some of the snacks I got are: Seapoint Farms Energy Blend, Bare Crunchy Apple Chips, and Kirkland’s Apple Sauce Pouches. I will also pick up sandwiches somewhere and bought a few more nut mixes at Target. I also got some sweet treats (Rice Krispies Treats) for the peeps that need a lil’ suga!
  3. Getting a facial and am one day shy of being done with teeth whitening strips. I was told by a few friends of mine to pamper myself. Well, lucky me, I had a gift certificate to Evanesque in Dallas. I used it for a hydrafacial today and loved it. My face feels so smooth! And the esthetician was FANTASTIC. I would so go back! And to the teeth whitening… if you ever need a quick inexpensive teeth whitening product for an event, give Up and Up brand a try (from Target). My teeth already look whiter and you only have to use them for 30 minutes at a time for 7 days. Love that!
  4. Getting a few engagement pictures taken. I needed a few more good pictures of us for our picture frames. We went to our photographer’s house after work one day and got a few taken by his pool and landscaping. They are being mailed to me tomorrow. Can’t wait to see them in person!

A few other things to note… My parents are AWESOME. They have taken care of all the booze and have it in their garage. My mom made all of the party favors yesterday. They turned out so cute. Pic below… I couldn’t resist snapping a photo!


Wedding party favors

I have been walking outdoors as my workouts this past week and will continue this week. It triples as a stress reliever, joy booster, and physical activity. Lovin’ it! And I have been a little stricter with my nutrition this past week and will continue there too…. not too over the top, but am sticking to mostly non-label, minimal ingredient foods! Tone It Up has a 7 day slim down that I have been loosely following.

5 DAYS LEFT Y’ALL.. I am getting so excited. My next wedding-related post may just be a picture montage once I get some back from the photographer. Can’t wait to share!

Have a great week, friends!

What Makes a Woman Inspiring

what makes a woman inspiring

What makes  a woman inspiring? I am getting into this one big time with an acrostic. Oh and before I get to it, this is part of the Fit Dish link up with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch. Feel free to join in on the fun and write a post about what you think makes a woman inspiring. There is way too much negative in the world and we can make it more positive. We have the power!


Initiates. She asks for what she wants and isn’t afraid to hear the word no. She takes risks to reach her goals and gives things a try. Why not?!

Nonjudgmental. Everyone is judgmental at times, but an inspiring woman chooses to reduce judgment and stay open-minded. She is willing to listen to others and empathize. She can relate!

Strong and confidentAn inspiring woman is confident in herself and can overcome adversity. She is resilient!

PositiveShe is optimistic and believes that her positive spirit can influence those around her. She strongly desires to make the world a better place in some way.

Independent. An inspiring woman enjoys being around people, but does not need someone else to make her who she is. She loves herself enough to make it on her own, but chooses love of others to add spark to her life.

Realistic. She stays in tune with what is real versus idealistic. She does not reach for perfection, because let’s face it… what is the fun in that?!

Imaginative. This may sound conflicting to the one above, but it isn’t. An inspiring woman has an imagination and isn’t afraid to dream. She is creative and illustrative in what she wants. Then she goes for it!

Not Afraid to be Herself. She is comfortable in her own skin and thrives by staying true to her values. She does not let other people’s opinions guide her every move. She walks to the beat of her own drum!

Gets Back Up. Life is not about avoiding the lows. It’s about not letting the lows keep us down.  An inspiring woman learns to get back up when she falls. She tries again an goes for the gusto, not letting fear overtake her!

So there you have it… a quick look at what makes a woman inspiring. I am sure I missed a couple or a lot, but I like this list. And I will remember it whenever I am choosing who to set as my role models. I have heard before to go through social media accounts and only follow those that make you feel good. If you follow an account where you always feel bad about yourself afterwards, it is important to use that simple button duly noted as “unfollow”. So here’s to following those that inspire you and not worrying about the rest!

Let’s inspire others. What makes a woman inspiring to YOU?

Wedding Series: 2 Weeks to Go!

Wedding Series (1)

Two weeks until the big day! I am kinda freaking out. But that’s okay, because I have not felt the nerves until now. And a bride is supposed to feel some nerves, right?

Anyway, I have a quick 3 minute vlog about why the nerves are a bit high. Check it:

I am stressed about the dress. Any other brides out there, past or present, feel my pain? I hate feeling this way because I know it sounds so vain, but a bride does want to look beautiful on her big day. Especially when SO MANY EYES are on the bride and groom at all times.

I can officially say that my advice for future brides is to make sure you order a size up EVEN if the seller tells you that you are the exact size of the dress. I should have followed my intuition on this one, but I disregarded it and followed the seller’s advice instead. You want to be able to alter some things if needed. My dress fits everywhere else wonderfully, but is a tad too tight around my rib cage. The back is beautiful and needs to be able to button up without any snags or drags or whatever the word is that I am looking for. I am hopeful that the seamstress can let it out just a tad, but honestly she should have done this weeks ago at my last fitting. Which leads me to another word of advice for brides: get a seamstress you trust and can communicate with easily. If she has a million dresses in her office, go with someone else. Nothing against her, but she probably has her hands way too full.

Enough about the dress.. that really isn’t the most important part of a wedding anyway. I get to marry a wonderful man whom I love so much. And that is a beautiful thing. I cannot wait to be his wife!

Before I go, here are a few pictures from my bachelorette party this past weekend:

Wedding Series: 3 Weeks to Go!

Wedding Series

Holy moly, I am almost a Kennedy. And that almost rhymed. Almost. We are 3 weeks out until the big day. I am so stinking’ excited. So excited that I even use the word excited SO MANY TIMES in my video blog AND in this sentence. 🙂

You know what I love about weddings? Well, besides the dancing, of course? The camaraderie around weddings. Hope I spelt that right, but I don’t feel like checkin’ so no judging if I didn’t. I love that weddings bring together people from all over. Family from near and far and friends from other mothers. Everyone getting along and having a great time. And ours will be no different. So here’s to that!

Here is my wedding vlog for this week. Eventually I will get my professional video editor (aka MK) to edit my videos and pump them up, but for now they are still 100% Bri-made. New back drop though… I got a new MacBook Air (LOVIN’ IT) so now I can travel with my iPhoto. Who knows?! Next one may be outside…. whoa!

Check it…

I have my bachelorette party on Saturday! I am going to Ft. Worth with a few friends to enjoy a night out on the town. My madre was going to join us, but she has decided to sit this party out. I can’t blame her… she has dog duty with my dad out of town! Anyway, I must say I am looking forward to a fun girls night! Perhaps I will have some pictures to share on the blog soon. 😉

Have a great week, my friend! What is one of your favorite things you have done at a bachelorette party?

Wedding Series: 1 Month to go!

Wedding Series 7

Exactly 1 month to go until our wedding day. Both MK and I feel beyond blessed and excited for our big day. I have spent more of my time with the wedding planning these past few weeks and work is still super busy so blogging went to the wayside a bit, but I realllllllllly wanted to write a post today so took some “me” time to write.

A few updates since my last wedding series post…

  1. The dress fits! And it is at home with me. 🙂 The shoes are perfect.. not too tall and the color matches (my dress is ivory over light gold).
  2. MY MOM IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that is excitement you can sense from my words. She got back this past Saturday and is in town until end of May or early June. I am one lucky lady! We are going shopping for her dress Saturday. She is going to look gorgeous. I can’t wait to find her perfect dress!
  3. We have flower girl dresses and the suits and ties for the guys. I am not one to get excited about ties, but I kinda wish I was a dude for a day so I could wear one of these bad boys MK and I picked out. They are nice! And the flower girl dresses are adorable. My mom is going to add some plum flair (probably just a sash) to them, but for the most part they are complete. I have to say, Macy’s was the place to go for both the flower girl dresses and the ties. Suits we got from Jos A Bank.
  4. Photographer, officiate, and DJ are paid for. One of the things I am finding with wedding planning is that I love getting certain things completely done. That includes payments. The less I have to worry about on my big day the better.
  5. No shower. We decided not to have a bridal shower. Most ladies in the South get a million showers, but the part I hate the most about events is the invitation process and accidentally leaving people out. Plus, we really do not need anything. We 100% would rather our peeps donate to charity!

My mom is so cute. She has been wanting a “task” so I have sent her a few to’do’s. She is currently in charge of the party favors (well, getting the stuff ordered b/c then we will make them together) and the welcome bags for any hotel guests coming from out of town. She is also in charge of getting lots of family pictures together.

One of the things I love about a wedding is all the “love” that surrounds it. It is not lost on me that I am able to love another soul because of the love that I have been given throughout my life from family and friends. I cannot express enough gratitude to those important peeps in my life, including the man I am about to marry. Love is a gift meant to be shared, y’all!

So with that, much love to ya…

No Greater Time Than The Present

present moment

How many times have you heard this line, “There is no greater time than the present?” I’ve heard it a ton over the years and I like it. I can finally click with it… or jive with it. When I am consciously aware of the space I am in at an exact moment, I feel alive.

Did you hear me?! I feel ALIVVEEEEEE!!!!!!! I don’t know why, but I kinda had a picture of Jack Black in my head when I said that. Something he would say fo sho.

I have not always been one to check in or even know how to stop thinking about the past or worry about the future. But once I got interested, it became life changing. And it’s a journey like everything else. There are times where I am in the moment more than others. There are times when I let life rail me like a train going 100 mph. But there are also times where I can tell I need more space to relax and unwind. It’s allowing these times to unfold and savoring the experience that keeps me on my feet. I won’t have all the answers and I won’t feel my jolly ‘ol self 100% of the time, but I am human. And I am movin’. And hell, I am even groovin’. And I am definitely rhyming… did you catch that?

I think life is about the ride and enjoying every minute of it. Do you feel that way? Do you do things on a regular basis that bring you kick ass joy? Because you should. You definitely should.

Here’s to letting go of the past, forgetting about the future for a bit, and living in the moment!! Can I get an Amen?!? What will you do today that gets you savoring the moment you are in? Simple question. I think I will turn on “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson and dance my bootay off in the living room. Cause that’s the room for livin’… how ’bout them apples? 😉

Today’s post is a part of the Fit Dish link up with Jill Conyers and The Fit Switch. Join in on the fun and let us know how you live in the present!

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Giving Back

giving back

I am up to no good… started making trouble in the neighborhood. Not really, but you do get brownie points for knowing where I got that line. 🙂 And triple brownie points if you are still going with it in your head.

In all seriousness, I still have not posted about the wedding stuff this week so am taking this week off from the video series but still do want to mention something VERY important to Matt and me. The art of giving back. Weddings are so dang expensive. In fact, I often can’t believe how expensive they are and from what I have heard my budget is near the small end of the spectrum. Some women go ALL OUT for weddings, with the average cost being $25,200 from a quick google search. YIKES!

I am my parents only daughter so an actual wedding was important to them. And I have to admit, the tradition and symbolism of a wedding are important to me. I considered eloping (and I am sure MK would have LOVED it if we did), but the truth is I want my dad to walk me down the aisle. I want my family there with me. And I want Matt’s family there with us. I love his family and feel honored that I get to officially be a part of the Kennedy family soon.

Matt and I are very fond of animals so we have created a gift registry to help out our local animal shelter. If you feel called to help out at all we would be ever so grateful! Pet stuff is fun to buy for, is not that expensive, and these animals need it. You can view our registry by clicking right here.

We also created a water registry. Matt researched the heck out of charities and this one donates 100% of funds raised to water projects. It breaks my heart that so many people die of water-related illnesses each day. Don’t we all deserve clean water?!? I think so. You can view this charity by clicking here.

I am not begging for you to donate.. that is not why I am posting about this. I just think that so many people often want to donate to a greater cause so thought I would share. After we created the water registry, the site mentions something like, “offer to set up a donation link on your birthday instead of receiving birthday gifts.” How cool would it be if every single person did this just one time even?! Kids could see how their lives can impact others by doing this too. Just a thought!

The art of giving back is a part of health and wellness too, my friends. It pulls at your own heart strings AND benefits others. Here’s to giving back when we can!

What is your favorite charity to donate time or money to?