Got a Dream board?

dreamboard 2014

Have you ever created a dream or vision board?  I created one in college, but that was about it.  Until this past weekend.  And I am left with the question… why do I not create one of these EVERY year?  They are a fun and creative way to get you thinking about the year ahead.

There are no rules to creating a dream board.  I have seen some extremely artistic boards with original drawings and pictures.  I am not quite that talented (yet!) so my art comes from cutting up magazines and strategically placing them on the board.  It works!  I am also a woman of words.  Words motivate me even more than pictures do I think.  So, I definitely put key words on my vision board.

Let’s dig in a little…

The left side of my dream board is geared towards my personal life, while the right side is geared more towards Simple Delights.  Here are a few key dreams:

  • Personal: get yoga back into my life, dance in a musical or other performance, travel regularly (on my list for 2014: St. Lucia, Hawaii, & Colorado for sure), save more money (hopefully at least $500 per month this year), and focus attention on love, family, and the little things.
  • Simple Delights: grow Simple Delights into a must-read blog, get published in a magazine, improve my social media presence, add nutrition counseling to services offered through Simple Delights, provide motivation and inspiration to others through Simple Delights.

So there you have it.. my dream board.  I will keep it placed in my office all year-round and then hopefully make a new one next January.

Here’s to a good year!


Gettin’ Crafty on a Saturday!

Matt is sick with the flu and even though I had a flu shot this year, we both thought it would be wise for me to stay at my parent’s place.  I decided to spend most of my Saturday night gettin’ crafty!

As most of you know, I LOVE making cards.  Here are 5 that I made tonight:

The “I love travel” card.

Travel Card

 The “Wonderful” card.

Wonderful card

The “Sky is the Limit” card.

Sky is Limit Card

The “Love” Valentine’s Day card.

Love card.

The “Heart” Valentine’s Day card.

heart card

Which one is your favorite?


Letters to Grandma (#2)

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…. Jack Frost nipping at your nose.

Now that I have you singing and in the Christmas cheer, I am sharing my 2nd letter to grandma.  This one is all about the holiday I love so dear.  These will also make great cards for secret Santa gifts or coworker gifts.

Here are my “Christmas Gift” letters to grandma.  I will have to enclose 2 of them for her since one has a short amount of writing room.

gift letters

These are super easy to do too!  All I did was use plain white cardstock paper for the base cut into squares (these could also be cut into long rectangles or any “gift” like shape). I picked out cute scrapbook paper with Christmas flair, cut into the same shape as the white cardstock paper and glued it on.  Then I took red string and glued two pieces in the cross shape.  I made a bow separately with the red string and glued it right in the center.  The back is plain white with a cute holiday sticker on top (see below).

gift 2

These are symbolic in a way too, because writing to my grandma is a gift.  I consider it a gift to have such a great woman in my life!

Letters to Grandma (#1)

Since this is my first post about “Letters to Grandma”,  I have to start with a picture and description of the beautiful woman that has delighted my life for almost 30 years now.  This picture is from my college days in 2004.


My grandma and I have been writing back and forth since I was a young girl.  She lives in Webster City, Iowa, and I have always lived in Texas so this is our preferred way to communicate while we are apart.

The most recent card I made for her was super simple.  I almost always take a plain card to start and cover the front with scrapbook paper first.  I like to use photo glue made for scrapbooks to glue it on (sticks really well).  See below for the finished product.  The big sticker on the front slides out to the right and says, “Hugs & Kisses.”

letter to gma 1