Bri’s Life Manifesto

Bri's Manifesto


I wrote my manifesto this weekend. What I love about a manifesto is that it can be so individualized, but also applicable to others. Some people will have a very similar manifesto to me or be able to take a few things from it while others will have something different entirely. It’s in my own words. It’s in my favorite font. It’s mine. And that is a beautiful thing!

Do you have a manifesto? If so, share it. If not and you are curious, make one! I made mine in PicMonkey so it was super easy to make. And then join in on the Fit Dish link up this week with Jill Conyers and Jessica Joy. I can’t wait to see all of the manifesto’s that we come up with. I may have to dedicate a Pinterest board to this project. Ooohhhh Weeeee am I excited!!!!!

I started my manifesto off with love and passion because these two words are probably THE most important to me. I strongly believe in loving yourself first and in loving others around you. If we all shared more love throughout the day, dammmmnnn the world would be a better place.

And passion. Isn’t that a beautiful word? I love that word. I love the way it sounds and I also love what it means. We work hard and often so why not be passionate about what we do? I had a career job I was not so passionate about. I had just graduated college and moved to Houston to work for oil. Typical Houston, right? Most everyone there works for an oil company. But anyway, I worked there for two years and knew it was not for me. About halfway into year one I decided to take a nutrition class in my free time. I fell in love with nutrition and went back to school full time after quitting that oil company. It was tough and I hated being a student AGAIN, but the time spent to get that second degree was worth it. Now I have a career that I am so passionate about. Granted, even jobs you are passionate about have good and bad days and the end goal can change, but follow that heart, that arrow, that calling. It’s so worth it! You, my friend, are worth it!

Alright, enough from me. Share your manifesto or at least a line that you would include in yours!


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  • I love it! 😀 Love and passion are definitely important! I had “do what you love, and love what you do” on mine as well! Staying positive is also a big one for me. :]

  • jillconyers

    Well done and beautifully created Bri! Your passion inspires. “Forgiveness is strength” really stood out to me. #fitfamlove

  • MB Jackson

    great job! I agree it all starts with passion- if you don’t have that you got nothing!

  • Jessica Durfee

    That is a powerful manifesto, and I love it! And, I have never thought about the SOUND of the word passion, but you’re right, it really fits that word! Thanks for sharing your love. You inspire me. : )