Break the Habit Challenge

Break theHabitChallenge

I have a bad habit. This habit is one that I WANT to change. I decided yesterday that I was going to take some time over the next month to change it. Realllllly change it.. and not let it come back.

Then I got to thinking a little more. What if others have a bad habit they want to change too? So, I decided to blog about it and create a little “break the habit challenge.” Don’t worry, there are no rules or check-ins… just the comfort of knowing other peeps are changing habits too. Sometimes it helps to know that you have a team. We are ALL connected, after all.

So, I leave this thought with you… Decide today if you have a habit you want to change. If so, change it. What is stopping you?

For those interested, I am going to share my story and the habit I plan to change over the next month. Here it goes…

I love tea. If you didn’t already know that (and I am sure you did), surprise! I also love convenience. Who doesn’t? So, I frequent Starbucks. And I mean frequent. Sure, tea is one of the cheapest things on the menu (I get a venti which ends up being around $2.65), but if I am going even 3 or 4 days per week that adds up to $414-$551 per year. And some weeks I think I am going more than that. I say think because I really don’t know. And THAT, my friends, is why I feel I need to change. 

I have another reason pulling me to change too. I go grocery shopping at Target on Saturdays or Sundays. I love Target. And again, I love tea. So the two go together perfectly. Every time I go into a Target, I feel drawn to stop by the little Target Starbucks store and grab a tea. Only, I am convinced that the little Target Starbucks stores do NOT do as good of a job at making my tea as the free-standing Starbucks. Yes, I have had this conversation in my head… MANY times. The sad thing is that tea is just a tea bag and water, but I am convinced that their water is not the same. So why do I STILL get one? Doesn’t make sense whether I am crazy or not.

The above is plenty reason to change my Starbucks habit. My SMART goal (because let’s face it.. SMART goals just work better!) is that I will reduce my Starbucks tea consumption to no more than 1 per week over the next month. And to add to that, it will be a free-standing Starbucks. I am starting this week so today officially kicks it off. My hope is that I will break the habit this month so that it carries on for the year (and so on).

Here’s to drinking less Starbucks tea and saving an extra $500 or so this year! 

What about you? Is there a habit you know you need to change and have the desire to start? Do it. Because YOU can!

  • Good luck!! I have many habits that I NEED to break!
    Cindy recently posted…Weekly GoalsMy Profile

    • Bri

      Thanks, I’ll need it! 😉

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  • Great idea and totally something I can manage if I know others are doing it and I’ve delcared it, making me accountable!
    I’d like to break the habit of eating at my desk at work, simply because I’m bored! I’m not even hungry most of the time.
    Jess recently posted…Someone Will Always Hate Peaches – Dealing With RejectionMy Profile

    • Bri

      It’s amazing how much more we eat when we are distracted or bored. Great habit to change.. you go girl!

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  • Great idea! I’d love to cut out sugar from my diet, but so far haven’t been able to do that. Maybe I could start small, like cutting out candies and sweets? Hmmmm… Think I’ll do it!
    Nikki recently posted…A Precious Moment with the TwinsMy Profile

    • Bri

      Absolutely, every little step counts. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • What a great idea! Happy SITS Day!
    Akaleistar recently posted…The Homesick Texan’s Family TableMy Profile

    • Bri

      Thank you!

  • This was a great post and I needed to hear it! I’m addicted to sugar! And the sad thing is that I just finished a Whole30 challenge where I went without grains and sugar for 30-days, and I felt great! But then, I tried one sugary food after another, and now I’m back to craving sugar all the time! UGH! It’s a nasty habit and I want to kick it for good! Thank you for reminding me that I CAN overcome this! Oh, I love starbucks tea too! Good luck!
    Patty recently posted…Remembering once againMy Profile

    • Bri

      Hang in there, Patty! I have a friend on the Whole30 right now and she can’t wait for dessert too. Diets tend to do that.. lead to cravings (and sometimes binges). I am a strong believer in mindful eating and not adhering to one specific diet so please know this…diets fail you. You do not fail diets. Diets just teach us to have a weird relationship with food, but no foods are “bad” or “good”.. they are just fuel. There can always be room for foods that you love, but it does take a few steps to feel comfortable with that if you have been in the diet mentality for awhile. Check out intuitive eating if/when you get the chance. 😉

  • Wow, I have so many habits to break I don’t know where to begin! Great tips, happy SITS day!
    Kirsten recently posted…Copenhagen with Kids – Best Sights to SeeMy Profile

    • Bri

      Thanks so much!

  • Ricki

    I think that’s great. I used to have a Starbucks habit too, mine was for Chai Tea Latte’s and I went every day. At $5 a day that added up to $1,780 a year, or $150 a month. Worst part is sometime I went twice a day. Then I decided to start budgeting and realized how much I was spending there (and they had recently had a change in staff and my chai no longer tasted the way I liked it) so I decided that I would start making it at home. I purchased the concentrate from Costco and played around to find the perfect mix for my tastes. Now I make my chai at home for $50 a month (that’s for the concentrate and milk) and still drink it everyday. Best part is I put it in my travel mug, so I can take it to go.
    My next habit I want to break is getting up early to go for a good walk. Right now I like to hit my snooze button and sleep in. I would like to do this 5 days a week. I have a FitBit so I can track how many steps I take, and I would like to do at least 5,000 steps in this walk. I will also be putting happy faces on my calendar to help me visualize it (I can’t explain, but happy faces on the calendar help me). I’ve made arraignments with a friend to help me stay accountable (and we are going to do it together). I would like to do this for one month (and then continue on).

    • Bri

      I love love love that you did that with the chai. It’s amazing how much we can save when we alter our choices a little bit. And the taste is the same! Great next habit to change with the FitBit.. you go girl!!! You can do this!!! My next habit to change is with the snacking endlessly in front of the TV at night. It comes and goes, but lately it has been sticking around so I am going to keep frozen fruit upstairs as my snack option and have a cup of hot tea when the mindless munchies hit.