Achieving Piyo Live! Instructor Status


This past Sunday I got certified to teach Piyo Live! 

One of my hobbies is to teach exercise. I love helping others get and stay fit. I have been teaching Pure Barre for 4 years now and I still plan to teach, but feel ready to add a different class to the mix. Before Pure Barre, I used to teach boot camp style classes, interval training, and Zumba. I am used to mixing things up. My brain craves variety!

So, where will I be teaching and when will I start? Well, I don’t know yet to be honest. I am hoping to teach closer to where I live. I also want to offer classes at a very affordable price (like $3-$5 per class). I don’t want people to have to get a membership to take my class so that means gyms are out of the running. Although, this is me in dream land.. I may end up having to start at a gym, which is fine. Just not ideal! I want anyone to be able to take my class. If only my house had an exercise room.. 😉

Have you heard of Piyo yet? If not, let me give you a really good description of what it is. Piyo is inspired by Pilates and Yoga, but it isn’t a combination of the two. In fact, it incorporates elements of the two, in addition to sports conditioning, dance, core conditioning, athletic training, and plyometrics. I love it because you have to engage the powerhouse (aka core) in ALL that you do. I can feel a difference in my core already from doing the videos with Chalene!

 I can’t wait to teach! I am an exercise nerd and have already been writing down different cues I can say during class. The difference between an average instructor and a FABULOUS one is personality and appropriate cueing. People have to be able to follow what you are leading. I want to be a FABULOUS instructor so I am bringing it on!!!

Have you tried Piyo yet?