5 on Friday: June



Friday always makes me happy. Plus, it’s June! Every day in June I write down at least 1 thing about my day that was a delight. I print off a calendar and write it in. I have done this since 2006 and love the tradition. It keeps me LOVING every minute of June, my birthday month. For this 5 on Friday, I am picking a few of my delights from the first part of June to share…

{ONE} Bonnaroo Music Festival. This weekend, the boyfriend and I are enjoying every minute of this music festival. I will have plenty of pictures to share when I get back. Anyone else been to Bonnaroo? I am most excited about Elton John, Frank Ocean, and Kanye West since I have never seen them live. Ohhhhhh I love me some music!!!!

{TWO} New kicks to help me kick butt! On the first day of June, I bought me a new pair of kicks. I was at the mall buying shorts for someone so had to take a walk through DSW while I was there (naturally, of course!) Found these and fell in love. And bonus, they were 65% off. Now I have more motivation to kick butt during my workouts!


{THREE} Pinterest Fail. I like to tap into my creative side. I saved a few tins from my Tazo Tea and wanted to make a cute box with them that I could use for other things like pens, paper clips, etc. I got out the hot glue gun, scrapbook paper, and stickers…. what happened next turned into a hot mess. Glad the pic doesn’t look QUITE as bad as it did in person, but it still looks pretty bad. I got a good laugh and enjoyed the process, but needless to say sent it off to the recycle bin. Next time, prepare for a beauty! And a different project…


{FOUR} PARTY TIME! We had my mom’s retirement party on Friday. I am so happy and excited for her. This next stage in life is going to be wonderful for her. She will spend most of her time in Colorado with JuneBug, Holly, and my dad. Family, friends, and co-workers all showed up to wish her well. It was a blast!

{FIVE} Orange is the New Black is back. We are savoring our Netflix time. I know that everyone gets excited and can easily watch the whole season in one night, but we are taking our time by watching one episode a night. I really like this season so far! And I also like hearing about the back story. I had no clue that this was based off a book and a real woman’s experience in prison for a year. Very cool! 


  • I don’t even TRY creative Pinterest ideas – I always fail! Haha. Love the idea to write down one delightful thing each day – how cool to look back at what you wrote!