31 Day Nutrition Challenge Printable

I went all natural for you peeps. I get sick of power point and pub documents so hand drew the 31 Day Nutrition Challenge printable. If you just can’t read it and need me to type it up, let me know. I’ll consider it.

Print the image below and start on March 1st!

31 Day Nutrition Challenge

So, why 31 day nutrition challenge in March? Because March is NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH! The theme this year is, “Enjoy the taste of eating right!” I love that. Don’t you?

I wanted the challenge to be super simple and get you to try something nutrition-related each day of the month. You may already do some of the items in the challenge or perhaps you dislike one of the items. No worries! Just change it.. cross mine out and make your own. Then share it! The more ideas the merrier.

Who is up for the 31 day nutrition challenge? I will blog daily for the month of March about each item so stay tuned for additional tips and tricks.

Let’s have fun with this!