31 Day Nutrition Challenge Begins 3/1

Simple Delights

March is National Nutrition Month. Since I have a passion for nutrition and health, I am going to celebrate it all month long and I invite you to join me.

I am working on a month long nutrition challenge that will be super easy for you to print or save to your computer. It will be a simple challenge and you will have one thing to complete each day.  For instance, on the 10th you may have to pack a healthy snack to work.  Simple, right?  And more importantly it gets you thinking about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle daily. Gotta love that!

I like to keep things positive around here too so you won’t find any “don’ts”. Just “do’s”.  Prepare yourself, friends.  Join in on the 31 day nutrition challenge with me.  I will post more on the blog about the challenge late next week.  We have 9 days before it begins.

I also plan to do the challenge myself and blog about it each day. That means we may dive into a lot of nutrition in March, but I promise it won’t be boring.  And, I want to hear from you.  Keep me updated throughout the challenge by posting on the Simple Delights facebook page or tweeting @SimpleDlights.

Oh I get so excited about the little things… National Nutrition Month, here we come!