Mommy Guilt

momguiltMy baby is 2 months old and I have a little less than a month of maternity leave left. I have to admit… I have a little dose of mommy guilt.

I want to be by his side every moment of his first year of life. Not literally- daddy needs solo time with baby too, but you get the idea. I am anxious about spending 40 hours per week at a desk job. What will I miss out on?

But, I know it it is the right decision for our household with where we are right now. I currently work from home most days and my husband’s job will be going away within a year. We need the health insurance my company provides. Plus I love my career! I worked so hard to become a Registered Dietitian and Wellness Coordinator- I don’t want to give that up. Just so we are clear though, I absolutely, 100% would give it up for my son if it came to that. He is worth every sacrifice!

I am going back to work in May and my husband will be staying at home to take care of our baby. I am so happy about our decision, but that doesn’t take away the mommy guilt completely. I know it will take time to adjust to this next phase of mommy-hood. I am ready and willing, but you better believe I will check in during my breaks and hopefully not miss out on any huge milestones. He is only little once!

So for all you stay at home moms and working moms, I feel ya! The decision to stay at home or go back to work is NOT an easy decision. I also know some moms don’t have a choice and barely have a maternity leave. We have to make decisions that work best for our own situation. Every mom has a little dose of mommy guilt and we don’t need others to give us more so please don’t ever forget…YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB AS A MOM AND WERE PERFECTLY PICKED FOR YOUR LITTLE ONE(S)!

Ab Separation after Having a Baby

Diastasis recti. Ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t before I had my little man. Luckily, I saw a Facebook post about it and wanted to learn more. It is not uncommon to have some type of ab separation after having a baby, making diastasis recti pretty common.

While researching, I stumbled upon Carrie Harper’s website and Flat Belly System. She explains diastasis recti extremely well so feel free to click the link to learn more. Her video below even helps you determine if you have ab separation or not.

I have a small amount of ab separation (1 finger width), but many women do have much larger gaps. It is extremely important to heal the injury or improve the gap (some larger gaps decrease in size, but do not fully go away) before getting back to certain exercises. The gap can be made worse with full push ups, planks, crunches, etc. leading to a bulge in the abdominal area. From what I have read, a 1 finger gap is not much to worry about but since Carrie’s system is so reasonably priced (seriously, 10 bucks as opposed to over a hundred bucks that I saw on 2 other websites with similar type plans), I purchased it and have been doing it for a week and half.

I honestly feel like Carrie’s plan is good for anyone though. It has reminded me how important posture and alignment is in everyday life. It has also given me a new focus when it comes to abdominal work. Working harder isn’t always best, but working smarter is.

So anyway, I feel like I would be doing you all a disservice if I did not mention ab separation, diastasis recti, and Carrie’s website to you. I don’t personally know Carrie, but I can tell she is passionate about what she does and I love it when women are on a mission to help other women.

Can I get an Amen?!

Curious, have any of you heard of diastasis recti before or experienced it yourself?

Have a happy, healthy week!