19 weeks and counting!


I┬ácannot believe I am almost half way through my pregnancy! I have been absent on the blog A LOT lately and haven’t talked much about my pregnancy, but now is as good of a time as ever. I am officially at 19 weeks.

I have gained about 10 lbs total so far. I was so nervous at first because most of that weight has been gained during the 2nd trimester (the past 7 weeks). In fact, I only gained 2 lbs in the first. I thought I might be gaining weight too fast but then many of my friends calmed my nerves by telling me how much weight they gained during pregnancy. Yeah the recommendation may be 25-35 lbs for those that are normal weight to begin with, but that doesn’t always happen. So I am going to focus less on weight and more on how I feel. And I feel pretty darn good!

I love being pregnant mostly because of this being growing inside of me. It is so cool to think of our baby boy growing each day and on some (hopefully sunny, and not icy) day in February we will get to see his beautiful face and hold him for the first time. It is such a blessing and a miracle at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything is peaches and roses for me during pregnancy but the good far outweighs the bad. But just for fun, here are the not so pleasant things (since not everyone talks about them & they are meant to be silly):

  • Treats I used to like no longer appeal to me… (I have no desire for chocolate of any kind).
  • And treats I used to not care for suddenly appeal to me… (I love me some skittles, starbursts, and chewy sweet tarts).
  • I am hungry a lot and sometimes get tired of eating.
  • My pants don’t fit so I have to wear them unzipped with a BeBand over them so they don’t fall down.
  • I have been back on the workout wagon these past few weeks which is AWESOME, but sometimes when I do squats my shorts cut into my tummy and it does not feel good. Plus, running and jumping make me have to pee (as if I don’t already have to pee a million times per day).
  • I can only sometimes make it through TV time at night. Most of the time I pass out and have to re-watch the netflix show the next morning to be up to date before my husband and I try to watch the next episode.
  • I only now started liking vegetables again (in the form of baby carrots). Good thing I have never stopped liking fruits (and I do take a prenatal vitamin).
  • Maternity clothes are way more expensive than normal women clothes it seems.. or maybe I am not looking in the right places. I decided to only buy a few pieces and then see if my regular stuff can last and stretch with me. Might be wishful thinking!
  • My tummy often feels weird…. like reflux or heartburn kinda weird.
  • I get sentimental when I drive in a car and sometimes tear up. It has nothing to do with driving and everything to do with having time to just think about this little nugget (and a few other family-related things). Oh, emotions!

If you have been pregnant before, did you have any of the same experiences above? Happy Monday, friends!

What is your favorite whole grain?

What is YOUR favorite whole grain-

Let’s talk about whole grains for a minute. So many people jump on the next diet bandwagon and totally rid themselves of all things grain. But, I don’t understand it. As a dietitian and nutritionist, I strongly believe that you do NOT need to rid yourself of ANY food group… unless you absolutely, positively just want to for your own reasons. Never do something someone else said just because they said it. That should be one of the definitions of “crazy”.

But people do it all the time. People blindly believe diet books, videos, and guru’s WITHOUT listening to themselves first.

HELLO! YOU are the CEO of your body. You get to make those decisions. Don’t ever let anyone else dictate what YOU do to your body. Yes, you can read what is out there but experiment for yourself and keep an open mind. Seek what works the best for you and don’t be afraid to be flexible.

Okay, off my soap box. Wow, I really did get on one didn’t I?! Can you tell I am passionate about nutrition and paving your own nutrition path??

So back to whole grains. I was recently gifted a bag of Freekeh. This was a new brand to me. I had never heard of artisanal hand roasted green wheat before. I LOVE the ingredients list. In fact, its one of the things I love most about whole grains… the ingredients list is never very long if you really are truthfully getting whole grains.

Take a look at this… (food labels from Freekeh’s website).

Original Rosemary Sage Tamari
Original Rosemary Tamari

Do you see those ingredient lists??? The original only has organic cracked roasted green wheat. Heck yes!! And the Rosemary Sage only has a few additional ingredients (and ones we can pronounce). A dietitian’s dream when it comes to a packaged food item. Most of us look for food items with the least amount of ingredients.

What I like about the Freekeh website is that they also have recipes listed. I am not a spontaneous cook where I can come up with things on the fly so I often need help. I will be turning to this website regularly as I dish up some Freekeh.

Have you tried freekeh yet? If not and you want to, send me an email at britexas(at)gmail(dot)com. I have some 50 cent off coupons I can send your way!

And to wrap it all up… what is YOUR favorite whole grain?

I was gifted an Original and Rosemary Sage freekeh but all opinions above are my own.

Have you heard of Bulu Box?

bulu box

All these monthly subscription boxes are getting popular! I recently heard of Bulu box, which is a vitamin, supplement, and healthy snack box. I got the opportunity to check it out through Sweatpink so will share with you the goods I received this month. Plus, I received a discount code for all you peeps that are interested.

bulu items

The first thing in my box is Quest Protein powder (2 packets of peanut butter flavor). These are good for shakes, baking, or cooking with and have 23g of Protein. Since I am pregnant currently, I am really weird about trying protein powders or taking supplements so while I am not going to try it right now, I will save it for later or give it to a friend!

The second thing I got in the box is Mediterra sundried tomato and basil bar. This is non-GMO, gluten-free, and has 6g protein and 6g of fiber. This I did get to try. I did not care for it, but I usually choose sweeter bars over the savory bars.

The third thing I got is what I was most excited about- Earth’s Care Anti-Itch Cream. What I like about it is that it does not have any artificial colors or fragrances and is petroleum free. It smells good too! Mosquitos are bad this time of year in Texas so this will come in handy.

The fourth thing is Yerba Prima daily fiber formula. It is a fiber supplement to support digestive health in orange flavor. I rarely need fiber supplements so will likely pass on this and take it up to work to see if anyone else wants/needs it.

Lastly, I received Movit Energy Gummies. These are for endurance type of workouts, especially if you are training for a marathon, triathlon, or long bike ride. I used similar gummies whenever I did the MS 150 several years back. They really do come in handy and give lots of energy when you need it most. I tried one to see if this brand tastes good and it sure does.

So that was my first box… not the most exciting for me since I am not too into supplements or protein powder right now, but I may give it another chance. What do you think of the products above? Any that spark your interest?

Interested in your own Bulu Box? Use the code SWEATPINK for 50% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription!

This is a sponsored post and I was given a free Bulu Box to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.