How do I fit in fitness?


This post topic could not have come at a more perfect time. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately. Okay, a lot. I love love love my job (and anything I do on the side), but I have hit my max on to do’s. My fitness has not been zeroed out totally, but it isn’t too high on my priority list right now. Same with healthy eating and stress management.

Wait, what?! How is it that the very things that keep us energized and feeling all good and productive go by the wayside when work tasks pile up? It would actually benefit us MORE to spend a little LESS time focusing on work. We could take that little bit of time to move a little, nourish with plenty of fruits and veggies, and breathe.

Sometimes we need that push, though. I know I do. I often need to feel the stress before I take a step back to say… WHOA!!! Joey Lawrence style and do something about it.

Even in the busy, stressful times, I find ways to fit fitness in here and there. Deep down I know that I am SO much better off with 10 minutes of walking than absolutely no walking.  And so that is how I do it. I give myself permission to do a little less, because I know that tomorrow maybe I will give a little more. I don’t get anywhere but down with feeling guilty for not doing a workout or eating an extra cookie so I take guilt out of the equation altogether!

I strongly believe that living a healthy life is about progress, not perfection. I tried the perfectionist thing and it always backfired. So now I just move more… no matter what that looks like. I don’t have to follow strict guidelines of cardio 5 days per week and strength training 3 days per week. I just focus on getting movement in any way. I crave variety so often check in with myself on what I want to do that day. Some days I can’t wait to kick butt with a HIIT workout. Some days all I want to do is go on a calm, peaceful walk. It may be 10 minutes and it may be an hour and half. Each day looks different.. and I love that. It fits my personality and lifestyle.

I also use a Fitbit, which reminds me to take more breaks throughout the day and aim for more steps. I like it and again, it just reminds me to move a little more whenever I can.

I once heard that walking is medicine. I agree. Movement does a body good and it’s a pill I would be happy to take for the rest of my life. What about you? How do you fit fitness in?


Sunday Social: Snail mail


I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. I love the relaxation and homebody-ness that occurs on Sunday, but I don’t like the way that I feel right before bed. I get that “eek” feeling about starting my work week over. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my day job. I would not trade it for the world. But, let’s be serious, the weekend should have at least one extra day. Am I right or am I right??

Enough with the Debbie Downer, I will still enjoy my Sunday and it all starts with a little Sunday Social. I call this one snail mail and you will see why with question 5.

  • What is your favorite magazine to read? I am a sucker for Women’s Health and Health. I have always liked these two magazines and feel they do a decent job of spreading positive health messages. Some magazines I could not say the same for.
  • What is the best thing you’ve seen online lately? This inspiring story about a group of kids in Thailand in 1986 who wanted to play football, but lived on a small island with no land to play on. They had obstacles and overcame them with a lot of creativity and perseverance. It is such a cool story… if you have 5 minutes to watch it, I would highly recommend it.

  • Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter? Surprisingly I do not follow many celebrities on Instagram. The only one I follow is Aaron Paul and his wife. They are too cute!
  • Is there one article of clothing no matter what the season you can’t help but love? My soft and comfy robe from Target. I am naturally cold and hate being cold so always snuggle up with that in the morning before I get ready for the day. Sometimes I will even grab it at night before watching TV. I definitely wear it more in the winter months, but I do tend to grab it in the summer too. And don’t worry, I don’t ever go out Hugh Hefner style…
  • Do you prefer email or snail mail? Snail mail all the way! My grandma and I are pen pals and I absolutely love it. Email is obviously more convenient, but that is why snail mail is that much more exciting to receive.

Now it is your turn… what do you prefer- email or snail mail?

Life In Pictures: Healthy Inspo

 Fit Fed and Happy
Before I get started, let me give you the scoop on this link up real quick. This is a link up geared towards posting pics from this past week or day, no text needed. You read text all week on here so it is time for a break… Happy Friday, dear friends!
LJ for Lorna Jane
Life in pictures: Yoga
Life in pictures: Lorna Jane App Inspirational words
Life in pictures: I have to try this recipe!
Life in pictures: favorite breakfast of the week
Life in pictures: Go for the great!
I look so serious in the yoga pic, but don’t you worry… I was just uber “focused”. I love posting random wellness-related pics on Instagram. What is YOUR favorite type of picture to post?

What will you do for Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day is on September 28th. That is THIS Sunday! What will you do for Active Nation Day? I am going to commit to running a 5K.

Have you heard about Active Nation Day? If not, you may want to watch the video below… it is brought to us by Lorna Jane. The inspirational sportswear brand that I am so in love with these days. I would own a ton of their tops if I had all the money in the world. They serve more than one purpose… yes, they are easy to “move” in for an actual workout, but they also inspire me to believe in myself or go the extra mile. You can see the inspirational tanks I am talking about by clicking here.

I know, I am going all lovey-dovey on Lorna Jane with this post, but I really do love all that this brand stands for. The brand really does GET it. Lorna Jane promotes a Move, Nourish, and Believe lifestyle. You may see people refer to this as “MNB”. So now you know what that stands for if you see it!

As a wellness professional, I too strongly believe in these three elements to healthy living. Most of the time, I nourish my body with wholesome and healthy foods. I choose foods that help me prevent diseases, keep me feeling and looking good, and have the least amount of ingredients possible. The ingredients list is huge for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do make room for treats too. I make time to move my body in some form or fashion every day. I don’t subscribe to one form of exercise. I crave variety and truly enjoy mixing up my physical activity. I currently enjoy running, walking, HIIT workouts, pure barre, body weight strength moves, yoga, PiYo, and dance. I believe in myself. I thrive off of loving myself just as I am. Strong self esteem and a positive outlook are VERY important to keeping a healthy mind and body. In fact, my favorite quote is this by Jack Kerouac… “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

If you are app savvy and like apps that keep you moving, Lorna Jane did just come out with their very own app. You can view the Itunes version by clicking here. As I mentioned above, I love inspirational words so my favorite part of the app is the “Believe” part.  You can hit refresh and view a new inspirational quote anytime you need one.

Lorna Jane herself.

That’s the creator (Lorna Jane Clarkson herself) in the pic above. Isn’t she beautiful?! Anyway, all that to say… I love the brand Lorna Jane and I hope you find as much inspiration from the brand as I do. Most importantly, I hope that you will do something fun and full of movement this Sunday in celebration of Active Nation Day. YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

What is your favorite way to move?

WTEW: All things pineapple

Kari enjoying pineapple juice

Are you as in love with pineapple as I am? I can eat it by itself, drink some juice like Kari is showing us in the picture above, or even throw some frozen chunks in my green smoothie. It really does take a green smoothie from so-so to SO DELICIOUS!

So today’s What to Eat Wednesday is… all things pineapple!

First things first, what is so great about pineapple? Glad you asked. It is an excellent source of vitamin C… you know, the vitamin that helps boost your immune system. Pineapple also contains bromelain, which is an enzyme known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to promote healthy digestion (hello, natural detox!). Pineapple is known to be high in manganese, which protects cells from free radicals and helps keep your bones healthy. It also helps synthesize fatty foods. Other key vitamins in pineapple include vitamin A and beta caratene (protects your eyesight), as well as vitamins B1 and B6 (assists in energy production and breakdown of starches/sugars). Copper and potassium are also in pineapple.

Wow, what a list! This fruit is definitely one worth consuming. Wouldn’t you agree? Now for a few different ways to eat pineapple or drink pineapple juice…

I personally love a mocktail in the morning of 1/2 cup pineapple juice and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. It kick starts my metabolism and keeps my digestive system healthy.

Like I mentioned above, I also love frozen pineapple in a green smoothie. If you have not gotten into green smoothies yet, I tell you what… try adding a banana or frozen pineapple. Both are fruity enough that they take the earthiness away from the green smoothie. The earthy taste is what I can’t stand so I always add more pineapple (or honey) if my smoothie is not quite tasty enough.

Since it is still grilling season in Texas, try grilling sliced pineapple and sprinkling cinnamon on top. You will not be disappointed! It is one of the most simplest desserts, not to mention super healthy AND delish! Can’t beat that.

Now it’s your turn. What is YOUR favorite way to eat pineapple?

10 Healthy Foods…

10 healthy foods

I am linking up today for Dish the Fit. Today’s theme is 5-10 healthy foods I could not live without. Being a healthy food nut, this was super easy for me. Others came close to hitting this list, but for me I chose foods I consider staples in my house. I am rarely without these food items in my house and to be honest, most I consume daily.

So, here we go… my 10 foods I would not want to live without and why… (in no particular order).

  1. Sweet potatoes. I have loved sweet potatoes since college. In fact, I have been nicknamed “yam” a time or two. My best friend swears that I am going to have twins someday because I eat them so much. I think it’s an old wives’ tale, but would welcome twins whether it is true or not.
  2. Peanut Butter. I have spoken of my love affair with peanut butter. I have it on the regular, usually as part of my morning meal. I prefer the natural variety and the chunkier the better. My favorite brands are the Central Market and Whole Foods store brands (price check that, homey!).
  3. Greek yogurt. I could become a vegetarian and am very open to it (my struggle with whether or not to is for another blog post. I seriously have arguments for both sides personally). I, however, have no desire to practice a vegan way of eating, because I highly value Greek yogurt. I would not want to give this up. Nor do I feel like I need to. So, Greek yogurt, you have officially made your way into my heart and are here to stay!
  4. Apples. This is the one fruit that never leaves my side. I definitely go through phases on which variety I like, but I rarely do not have apples in the fridge. My current fave is Golden Delicious, but I have went through the Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, and Honeycrisp stages in the recent past. Yum times ten to all varieties!
  5. Honey. Who needs alternative sweeteners or even sugar when you have honey? Bees know what they are doing. Thank you, bees! Honor their work by keeping local honey in your house. A little goes a long way and I particularly love honey on my peanut butter toast and in my chai tea lattes or weekly cup of coffee. Yes, I said weekly. I am no coffee connoisseur but do enjoy a cup on the weekends with my honey (squared). See what I did there?
  6. Larabars. These are my favorite food items to grab and go. They are so easy to keep in my purse for whenever I will be away from the house for awhile or in my car for a super long time. Current favorite flavors include: Peanut butter chocolate chip, Chocolate chip brownie, and the Uber Dark chocolate peanut. Okay, can you tell I love chocolate?!
  7. Bananas. I once wrote a rhyme about bananas. I love them that much. I would share it with you, but it was on my old blog that I no longer own. It got deleted. Anyway, not important. I like sliced bananas on my peanut butter toast. I like 1/2 a banana in my green smoothie. I like 1/2 a banana mashed in my protein pancake. I like sliced bananas in my Greek yogurt parfait. Bananas are apparently just the IT food for me. I guess like a monkey?!? But, I do keep it to one banana max per day.
  8. Carrots. And no baby ones for me. I like the full carrots that I have to shave to eat with a peeler. I like a carrot in my morning juice that I make sometimes or to dip into my next must-have…
  9. Guacamole packs. These things rock! Thank you, wholly guacamole, for making these. They are easy to grab and go, plus they taste better than any guacamole I have ever tried to make myself. The ingredients are wholesome.. nothing I can’t pronounce. And you know I like that!
  10. Cinnamon. Technically not a food, but I had to add it in. It spices up my life on the regular! It’s on my peanut butter toast, sometimes in my Greek yogurt, often on my sweet potato, and definitely in any oatmeal. I love love love cinnamon!

Well, that was fun! I like talking food, especially healthy food. There are so many good foods out there and I particularly love that some can even fight off diseases. Prevention is key.. and the way we eat is shaping our future. So why not eat more fruits and vegetables? Okay, off my soap box.

What would you add to the list?

The Fit Pepper

I play. I create. I succeed.


I listened to a thought provoking guided meditation yesterday and it was so on point I feel the need to share a little about it. Hoping it may inspire you as much as it inspired me. The mantra of the meditation was, “I play. I create. I succeed.”

The guided meditations that I use are with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I love both of their voices and find them soothing so it works for me. It wouldn’t work for everyone! I get that. Anyway, Oprah introduces the topic for a couple minutes. Deepak Chopra takes over from there and expands on the topic. He also provides a mantra for the actual meditation portion. Then, meditation starts with calming music for ~10 or so minutes. I find that I get the most out of these meditations when I am walking so I like to participate in “moving meditation” as I like to call it.

Play. What do you think of when you hear that word? I think of children playing in the front yard with a dog, a ball, or just each other. I think of the memories I have with my brothers playing baseball in the front yard or hide and seek in the house. It was a VERY important piece of my childhood. I am sure it was important to you too.

Now when I think of the word in an adult sense, I get a little stumped. I don’t play often enough. My ideal forms of play include goofing off with my boyfriend on microphones (even though I don’t sing well), tricking the cats with crazy cat toys, dancing while I clean (that counts, right?), coloring or crafting things, running around in the yard with dogs or kids (even though I don’t have any of my own yet), and playing cards or board games with my extended family.

Play is important to adults… just as it is to kids. Playing helps our minds relax and not take things so seriously. We need time to play. It helps us create. It helps us show love in a different way. It allows us to give time to others. It allows us to laugh more, grow a new memory, and savor the moment that we are in. Play is beautiful!

I hope you will play a little this week.. or even a lot. I plan to focus on more play, that’s for sure. Life is fun.. and we should enjoy more of it! Don’t you agree?

Question of the day… what is your favorite form of play?

Sunday Social: Ready for Fall?


I will be honest with you. I am not quite ready to start drinking Fall drinks, decorate for Fall, or wear Fall clothing. The ONLY reason why I am not ready is because it is still pretty flippin’ hot outside here in the big D. No scarves are in my future until about Thanksgiving.

But what about you? Are you ready for Fall? I do love the season so am totally fine with talking about it. And that is just what we are doing for today’s Sunday Social with Neely and Ashley. Let’s hit it…

  1. What is your favorite part of Fall? Fireside chats. Fall reminds me of having friends by a fire pit, just chatting about life. And I love that!
  2. Do you have anything special planned for Fall? My boyfriend and I are talking about that next step so heck yeah we have something special planned for Fall. Can’t reveal it yet though… and really, we don’t have anything set in stone so for now the “special” part is just anticipation. But really.. isn’t anticipation at least half of the fun anyway?!
  3. What is Fall like in your area? It’s crisp and I finally get to drive around with my top down… no, not that top silly. It ain’t Mardi Gras! 😉 But seriously, May/June and Oct/Nov are the only months I get to FULLY enjoy my convertible and I savor every moment of it that I can.
  4. What is your favorite Football team to cheer for? Are you kidding me? I would rather watch the half time show. If there is one.
  5. Do you decorate for Fall? I do a tad. Well, really for each holiday and not for Fall directly. So, I have not started decorating yet b/c I wait until October to start decorating for Halloween.

So now tell me, what is your favorite part of Fall?

Not ‘yer typical pot of beans


I am learning to cook, y’all! Okay, perhaps I have always known how to cook, but I definitely go through ebs and flows of cooking. I don’t always enjoy it. And other times, I can’t wait to create a new recipe or alter an old one. It’ weird. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking… and I am a dietitian. Go figure!

I think the reason I don’t always love cooking is at times cooking seems complicated. Just like my blog name, I like ALL things simple. Even cooking. If I see a recipe with over 20 ingredients and directions, count me the F out.

Today, though… I took on a tiny cooking project. I set out to make beans. And not just any pot of beans… a delish pot of beans. I have had my fair share of bland beans. So today is not that kind of a day. Mine were to be fantastic and even smell fantastic.

And guess what?

Fantastic they were.

So now I share with you my simple recipe… and I encourage you to alter it however you like. Spices and herbs are fun to play with so throw in some extras.

Not ‘yer typical pot of beans


  • 1/2 bag dried pinto beans , soaked
  • 2 cups water
  • 3/4 cup beef stock
  • 1/2 purple onion, chopped
  • 1/2 cup mixed bell peppers, chopped
  • 4 ounces smoke ham, chopped
  • 1-2 teaspoons creole seasoning


  1. Soak the dry beans according to the package directions (I soaked the beans in 3 cups of water for 6 hours). Once soaked, rinse the beans and then add fresh water and the beef stock. Place the pot back on the stove with high heat until boiling. Then cover and simmer.
  2. Chop up the onion, mixed peppers, and smoked ham. Place in the pot and stir it all together. Add in your spices.
  3. Let the beans simmer for 1-2 hours, until ready. Then enjoy!

What I like about this recipe is that it can be eaten as is, with rice, or even without the meat for a vegetarian dish. You know what they say about beans… they are good for the heart. 😉

Oh and I really liked the pic I took of the peppers so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I just LOVE how pretty fruits and vegetables are naturally. Fruits and vegetables are the Jennifer Aniston’s of food…


Happy Saturday dear friends!

WTEW: TV Time Snacks

TV Time Snacks

Who said you can’t have a lil’ snack while watching TV? Not this girl. In fact, I welcome it at times.

I am one of those people that cannot live by strict nutrition rules. For one, nothing is fun about the word “strict”. For two, rules are meant to be broken. Am I right?!

So put away your strict nutrition rules. You ain’t got time for that. I know certain fitness and nutrition guru’s tell you never to eat in front of the TV, but you don’t have to listen. They aren’t the food police.

Instead, if you are hungry and WANT to savor a snack in front of the TV, do so. I have some healthy, wholesome snack ideas for TV Time. But, if you decide to have a different snack… no worries. Honor your hunger and listen to your body, sista!

My boyfriend and I keep a fridge upstairs in our game room. We watch most of our TV up there so it is nice to have extra beverages and snacks up there. However, before two weeks ago my boyfriend was NOT interested in healthy eating. Or not much, anyways. But, now he is and he has actually been influential on changing the snacks we keep upstairs. The fridge used to have loads of processed chips, cookies, and candy on top of it. Only beverages were kept inside. We have since switched things around and I must say, I love it. I love that we are both eating more fruits and vegetables. We are honoring our bodies with wholesome foods… and what is more kick ass than that in regards to nutrition?! Not much, I’d say.

So, without further ado… I give you my TV Time snacks.

  1. Mixed Fruit. I buy a bunch of different fruit and cut it up on Sundays when I don’t have too much going on. When fruit is easier to grab, you will eat more of it. Plus, aren’t the colors beautiful?!fruit
  2. Tillamoos Cheese Rectangles. I am not a huge fan of cheese so I don’t eat these much, but Matt loves the heck out of them. They are easy to grab and have some protein.tillamoos
  3. Salad. A bag of salad, plastic bowls, easy-to-pour dressing, and a handful of plastic forks will inspire you to eat more veggies. Trust me, it works. Matt even thought of this one! salad
  4. No calorie beverages. I choose La Croix. They have SO many flavors now. I know some people don’t do carbonated water, but if you do try different flavors. At the moment, my top three favorites are coconut, mango, and passion croix

What would you add to this list?!